About Five Star Law

Five Star Law identifies leading law practitioners in 60 practice areas, over 90 countries and all 50 US States. It is not possible to buy entry into the guide, we pride ourselves on the integrity and independence of our research and selection process.

Our service is designed to minimalize the costs and time associated with finding a lawyer, but more importantly to minimise chances of receiving inadequate legal counsel from unfamiliar advisers. We act as a reference source for company directors, in-house counsel, private individuals and lawyers in private practice who are seeking to corroborate the reputations of leading attorneys recommended by a third party or conducting their own research prior to counsel selection.

Due to the internationalized nature of modern business practices, referrals are often lateral and cross-border – we therefore aim to create an informal network of the lawyers listed. These individuals may already be aware of the prominent lawyers in their own practice area and jurisdiction, but may not be so familiar with top legal advisers in other fields and countries. Five Star Law, therefore, acts as a seal of approval among the global legal community.


Selection Process:

Entry into Five Star Law is by invitation only, it is not possible to buy entry into the guide. The 5 step selection process is based entirely on client and peer-review as well as our own independent research and selection procedure.

The methodology is designed to capture, as accurately as possible, the consensus opinion of business directors, in-house counsel, private individuals and lawyers in private practice about the professional abilities of leading attorneys in their respective countries and fields of practice. Five Star Law employs a sophisticated, conscientious, rational, and transparent selection process designed to elicit meaningful and substantive evaluations of the quality of legal services offered by our listed attorneys.


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Twice a year, nomination forms are distributed to in-house counsel, business directors, high net-worth individuals and lawyers in private practice all over the world. These individuals put forward the top lawyers they have personally observed in the past 12 months. Attorneys are not permitted to nominate themselves, however, colleagues and marketing teams may submit nominations for co-workers. All nominations are kept confidential.


All received nominations and comments are reviewed and verified by our in-house team. Nominees are then confirmed to be in good standing with their relevant bar association before progressing to the next stage of assessments.


Nominees are shortlisted based on the number of votes they received, independent research, global rankings and client testimonials. Other key information relating to recent cases, awards and speaking engagements are taken into account during the in-depth shortlisting process.


Currently listed experts have the opportunity provide feedback and their independent assessment on the shortlisted lawyers from their country / practice area and neighbouring jurisdictions.


The last stage of the process finalises the annual list of legal advisers. The successful individuals are informed of their accomplishment and the guide is then updated accordingly with the inclusion of the new experts’ profiles and the results are released.