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Deep & Far
13th F1., No. 27, Sec. 3
Chung San N. Rd. Taipei 104
Taiwan, R.O.C.

Tel: +886-2-2585-6688
Fax: +886-2-2598-9900


Mr. Tsai, a patent attorney graduated from Department of Electrical Engineering of National Taiwan University (NTUEE), which is the best engineering school in Taiwan. Out of the interest of communication system, he immediately had attended in the Graduate Institute of Communication Engineering (GICE) of NTU since his graduation from NTUEE and has received his master’s degree after 2-year’s research. During his research life in GICE, he also started to get involved in knowledge and skills of patent-related matters for taking the bar examination for Patent Attorneys. He has passed the exam having a pass rate lower than 4%, and received the qualification of patent attorney.

Mr. Tsai also attended and gained an IP master degree from Law School of University of New Hampshire, also known as Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property. Right after the graduation, he had an opportunity to work for InterDigital, Inc. in Delaware for a short period, and then passed the U.S. Patent Registration Examination. He also passed China Patent Agent Examination recently.

Currently, Mr. Tsai is working for Deep & Far Attorneys-at-Law as a patent attorney and concurrently majoring a law master in National Chiao Tong University.

Mr. Tsai is quite proud of the fact that more than one fifth of the top 100 corporations have been clients of Deep & Far, and that more than 50% of the patent-experienced companies in the Hsinchu Science Industrial Park have entrusted their IPR work to this firm. It is Mr. Tsai’s firm belief that in the competition market, clients will only entrust their works to a firm that can provide competent and timely services at a competitive price.

About Deep & Far:

Deep & Far attorneys-at-law was founded in 1992 and is dealing with all phases of laws with a focus on the practice in separate or in combination of all aspects of intellectual property rights (IPRs) including patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, unfair competition, and/or licensing, counseling, litigation and/or transaction thereof.

Deep & Far prosecutes worldwide patent matters for local clients. For international or foreign clients, Deep & Far prosecutes patent matters mainly in Taiwan, significantly in China & Hong Kong, and with minor representation in Macau, Singapore, Korea & Japan.

The patent attorneys and patent engineers in Deep & Far normally hold outstanding and advanced degrees and are generally graduated from the top three universities in this country. Our prominent staffs are dedicated to provide the best quality service in IPRs in this country. As a proof, about one half of top 100 incorporations in this country have experiences of seeking patented their techniques, but more than one fifth of the top 100 incorporations has ever used services of this firm. Furthermore, Hi-Tech companies in the science-based industrial park located at Hsin Chu had ever played the most important role in booming the economy of this country. About one half of them has experiences in seeking patented their techniques, and out of more than 50% of the patent-experienced companies in that park have ever entrusted their IPR works to this firm. Certainly, we must also represent international giants, e.g. InterDigital, MPS, Schott Glas, Toyo Ink, Motorola, Cypress, Armani…

It is our philosophy to provide competent legal services that other firm cannot comparably provide. The necessitated ensuing problem is how we can so provide? Deep & Far so achieve by selecting, edifying and nurturing peoples who have the following personalities: learned in expertise, morally earnest and sincerely behaved in mind and strictly disciplined between give and take. It is well-believed that such properties are key factors for peoples to properly and competently behave themselves.

By the perseverance that we only do what and only perform works which enable this firm to be deep and far, Deep and Far can then equate the reality with its name.

Deep & Far has been successful in courts. For example, by the 90年度判字第751 號decision rendered by Supreme Administrative Court (SAC), it is made clear that an invalidating party still potentially has legal interests on an expired patent. By the 98年度行專訴字第45號 decision rendered by the IP Court (IPC), it is made clear that the applicant can move the features disclosed in the descriptions to be included in the claim when the application is invalidated based on newly located prior art, which practices have been incorporated into the Examination Guidelines.
Other decisions Deep & Far won before the IPC and SAC include 100年度行專更(一)字第7號、100年度行專訴字第16號、99年度行專訴字第172號、99年度行專訴字第84號、98年度行專訴字第131號、98年度行專訴字第81號、98年度行專訴字第78號、103年度行商訴字第75號、103年度行商訴字第76號、103年度行商訴字第77號(IPC)、最高行政法院97判字第799 號判決(SAC).

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