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BTS & Partners
Meşrutiyet Cad. Güneş Han No: 19
34430 Beyoğlu,
İstanbul - Turkey

Tel: +90 (212) 292 7934
Fax: +90 (212) 292 7939

Email: tugrul.sevim@bts-legal.com
Web: www.bts-legal.com

Mr. Sevim advises businesses on how to strategically manage their privacy, security, electronic workplace, and e-business legal risks both domestically and globally. He has assisted a wide range of business in a variety of industries by developing a privacy strategy that yields practical solutions in a rapidly evolving area and that weighs costs and benefits in a light of a company’s risk profile and culture.

Mr. Tugrul Sevim is also part-time lecturer at Bilgi University Economy Law Master Program. Currently he gives a lecture on information security law.

Mr. Tuğrul Sevim is one of the partners of BTS & Partners. He specializes in complex IT and telecommunication contracts (development, licensing, integration, outsourcing), electronic commerce and internet legal issues, privacy law and complex IT litigation (Expert proceedings, alternative dispute resolution). He assists clients in the management of their Intellectual Property portfolios and in negotiating and drafting complex contracts withstrong Intellectual Property content. Mr. Tugrul Sevim’s client include consultancy management, technology services and outsourcing companies, telecommunication companies, software and hardware suppliers and other information society service providers.

BTS & Partners:

BTS & Partners was founded by Attn. Ruşen Türkekul in the 1950s under the name ‘Türkekul Law Office’. When Attn Erdem Türkekul joined the firm in the early 1990s, the focus of the practice was directed into intellectual property rights.

By the beginning of the millienium, when Attn Yasin Beceni joined the team, Türkekul Law Office had become a well-established legal practice specialising in intellectual property rights (IPR), entertainment, media, performing arts and cinema industries.

Attn Yasin Beceni spearheaded the firm’s expansion into information and communication technologies (ICT). The firm reinforced its team with the addition of Attn Tuğrul Sevim in the mid-2000s, and continued to focus its practice on technology.

In 2010, the firm went through a period of transformation. Erdem Türkekul left the firm and continued his private practice under the name of Türkekul Law Office. Yasin Beceni and Tuğrul Sevim began rendering their services under the name of Beceni Türkekul Sevim Attorney Partnership (BTS & Partners).

BTS & Partners continues to cooperate with Erdem Türkekul as a cooperative partnership, in which Mr Türkekul’s expertise and experience in the field of IPR guides BTS & Partners’ practice in this field.

Having expanded its capacity with the addition of a further 12 attorneys, the highly academic and specialised staff has led BTS & Partners to become one of the market leading legal boutique services in the Turkish ICT sector.

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