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Iraq Law Alliance
Basra & Erbil
Kurdistan Region, Iraq

Tel: +964 (0)771.358.6705
Fax: +964(0)750.161.3803


Thomas W. Donovan is Managing Partner and founder of the Iraq Law Alliance, PLLC. He divides his time between the firm’s offices in Basrah, Baghdad and Erbil – Kurdistan Region. His experience centers on petroleum and natural gas law and the surrounding corporate, employment, immigration and customs issues. He also has considerable amount of experience in public international law, litigation and structured project finance. Mr. Donovan has published extensively on the development of the domestic Iraqi economy and issues associated with petroleum production and exploration.

Iraq Law Alliance:

.Iraq Law Alliance, PLLC (‘ILA’) is a law firm which represents national and multinational companies. We advise on all legal matters related to corporate and reconstruction activities in Iraq. Our practice spans a broad spectrum and includes general corporate and commercial, contract, projects and finance construction, regulatory, licensing, labor, intellectual property, and tax issues.

ILA, through its attorneys and consultants, maintains privileged relationships with prominent international law firms around the world without any formal relationship with any of them.

ILA seeks to constantly solidify these relationships by participating in international seminars and forums on Iraq, and by seeking to periodically offer its members training in international law firms. Further, ILA has, among its members, lawyers who have experience working with international law firms and in the Middle East, including Iraq.

ILA maintains contacts, and cooperates with, numerous governmental and non-governmental organizations involved in the reconstruction of Iraq, and the development and growth of the legal infrastructure in Iraq.

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