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Scanlen & Holderness
13th Floor, CABS Centre
74 Jason Moyo Avenue
Harare, Zimbabwe

Tel: (263) 4 799636
Fax: (263) 4 702569


Sternford is the Senior Partner and Chairman of the firm which he joined in 1981. He provides overall leadership in addition to taking special responsibility for the commercial and corporate law department. He coordinates all activities in the firm and looks after unallocated functions such as responsibility for non‐professional staff. His practice is mostly mining, commercial and corporate law related. During the early part of his career, he taught corporate, commercial and constitutional law. He successfully completed the Media Law Advocates training program run by the University of Oxford.

He has advised financial institutions and loan underwriters in most of the large infrastructure projects that have taken place in post independent Zimbabwe in areas such as forestry, energy, water supply and telecommunications. Sternford has provided advice on navigating Zimbabwe’s empowerment laws and has been actively involved in most of the empowerment transactions which have been publicised so far.

He is a former President of both the Law Society of Zimbabwe and the Southern African Development Community Lawyers’ Association, Co‐ Chairperson of the Human Rights Institute of the International Bar Association, Chairman of Stanbic Bank Zimbabwe Limited ‐a leading commercial bank in Zimbabwe which is a member of the Standard Bank group, Chairman of Schweppes Zimbabwe Limited, Former Chairman of the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority and Director of several companies including Alpha Media Holdings Limited, one of the largest and most diversified media companies and Portland Holdings Limited, one of the largest cement companies in Zimbabwe.

He is one of the leading corporate and commercial lawyers in Southern Africa. He graduated with distinction and was named by Butterworths as one of the most Outstanding post graduate law students in 1981.

Scanlen & Holderness

Scanlen & Holderness is a premier corporate and litigation law firm with a rich history spanning more than one hundred years. Our reputation in successfully handling complex legal matters is known nationally and internationally.

We have been involved in numerous land mark cases that have set precedents in many areas of practice. Known for being a commercial and corporate law firm, the firm has been greatly involved in investments, mergers and acquisitions of entities, listings of many companies on the stock exchange and large transactions backed by government to government agreements.

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