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Stylianou & Stylianou
6, Bouboulinas & Filonos Streets (6th floor)
GR -18535 Piraeus

Tel: +30 210 41 17 421
Fax: +30 210 41 71 922


Stelios Stylianou, senior partner of Stylianou & Stylianou, has been practising aviation law for the past 45 years. His firm has acted for major airlines and aviation insurers in all fields of aviation including, but not limited to, air accidents, passenger and cargo claims, litigation of aviation disputes and settlement negotiations.

Among other matters, the firm has been involved in litigation and settlement negotiations in respect of claims arising from: the Swissair accident at Athens airport (1979); the EgyptAir aircraft hijacking on a flight from Athens (1985); the Olympic Airways accident at Samos Island (1989); the Greek Dassault Falcon 900 accident near Bucharest (1999); the EKAB/Helitalia helicopter accidents (2001 and 2002); the fatal air accident of Helios B737-300 near Athens (14 August 2005); the fatal accident of a Greek Army Chinook helicopter (11 September 2004); the crash of an Olympic Aviation Schweizer helicopter near Athens (22 April 2008); the crash of a Bell 206B helicopter in the area of Crete Island (5 August 2010), the crash of an Apache military helicopter near Athens (30 July 2010), the Tatarstan Airlines accident of B737-53A in Kazan, Russia (17 November 2013), the fatal accident to a military NATO F-16 aircraft in Albacete, Spain (25 January 2015) and the fatal crash of a Cessna C172 aircraft in the area of Kalavryta, Greece (16 October 2016).

Stelios Stylianou has been a member of the Bar Association of Piraeus since 1972 and is admitted before all courts of Greece, including the Greek Supreme Court (Areopagus) and the Council of State (the supreme administrative court of Greece).

Stylianou & Stylianou:

Stylianou & Stylianou have legal correspondents in all major Greek cities and in the Republic of Cyprus. They are also liaising with several well-known aviation law firms worldwide. The firm’s aviation law team comprises Dina Dousca-Stylianou, Mara Stylianou, Ariana Stylianou and Petros Blessios.

In the course of its more than three decades of life the firm has been involved in all major air accidents which have occurred in the area of Greece and specifically the Swissair DC-8 fatal accident at Athens airport in October 1979, the Egyptair Boeing 737 hijacking at Athens airport in November 1985, the Olympic Aviation aircraft crash at Samos Island in August 1989, the Falcon Mystère 900 accident off Bucharest on 14.09.1999 in which the Greek Alternate Minister of Foreign Affairs with six other passengers lost their lives, the EKAB/Helitalia two Agusta A109E helicopter crashes off Athens and in Anafi Island on 14.01.2001 and 17.06.2002 respectively, the Helios Boeing 737-300 aircraft crash off Athens on 14.08.2005 in which 115 passengers and 6 crew members lost their lives, the Chinook military helicopter fatal accident off Athos mount on 11.09.2004 when 17 persons lost their lives including the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Alexandria, the crash of an Apache military helicopter near Athens on 30.07.2010 in which the pilot and co-pilot lost their lives and the crash of a Cessna C172 in the area of Kalavryta, Greece on 16.10.2016 when the instructor pilot and the trainee pilot lost their lives.

The firm has been constantly classified since 2004 to date by the International Who’s Who of Aviation Lawyers, firstly published by Who’s Who Legal on 17.08.2004, as one of the world’s best aviation law firms and the number one firm in Greece for aviation legal expertise.

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