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D´Antino Advogados
Av. Pacaembu, nº 1600
Pacaembú, São Paulo – SP

Tel: +55 (11) 3864-4077
Fax: +55 (11) 3864-4077

Email: sergio@dantinoadvogados.com.br
Web: www.dantinoadvogados.com.br

Senior Partner of D’Antino Lawyers. His legal career began in the 60s when it formed and founded the firm in 1966. Graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of São Paulo and a postgraduate degree in Copyright Law from the same University, Sergio D’Antino specializes in Civil Law, Rights copyright, personal rights, and legal issues related to advertising and internet. Member of the Order of Lawyers of Brazil with registration No. 12,714. Teacher in several prestigious postgraduate courses, such as Entertainment and Intangible Right ESA Law School – OAB / SP, Intellectual Property GVLaw – FGV and Entertainment University Extension Center – CEUD.

Sergio is one of the founders of the Association of Copyright and is currently vice president. In addition to the legal action, is a partner at D’Antino agents and also cultural producer. Member of the Commission Copyright of OAB / SP Coordinator of the Work Entertainment Law on the Internet , in partnership with Andrea Francez and José Carlos Costa Netto, with illustrations by cartoonist Paul Caruso, (Saraiva, 2014) and also co-author of the chapter related to the Rights of author of the web , the same work.

D´Antino Advogados:

The firm has over 50 years of experience. Today, consisting of concerned professionals in providing the best customer service, D’Antino Lawyers stands out for its extensive experience in legal practice. With wide range of areas and innovative approaches to problem solving, our office is perfectly fit to serve customers in a personalized manner in order to guide and structure appropriate solutions to their needs.

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