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Rui Pinto Duarte & Associados (RPDA)
Rua Castilho, 14-C, 5.º
1250-069 Lisboa

Tel: +351 21 317 04 60
Fax: +351 21 315 17 99


  • Rui Pinto Duarte was born in 1955.
  • Holds a basic degree (“licenciatura”) in Law , a master in Law and a Ph. D. in Law.
  • Attorney-at-law admitted to the Portuguese Bar Association.
  • Has lectured and lectures in different Universities, having inter alia been full professor of the Law School of Universidade Nova de Lisboa.
  • Has published books and articles about different legal areas, especially Contract Law, Company Law, Banking Law and Property Law.
  • Has collaborated in the orientation of several law journals.
  • Has intervened in around 100 arbitration cases, mainly as arbitrator (more than 30 as chairman and 3 as sole arbitrator); some of such cases were under the aegis of International Chamber of Commerce.
  • Is a founding member of the Associação Portuguesa de Arbitragem (Portuguese Arbitration Society). Was chairman of its Council for Commercial Arbitration Practice.
  • Has as working languages Portuguese and English

Rui Pinto Duarte & Associados:

Rui Pinto Duarte & Associados (RPDA) is a law firm founded in 1991.

RPDA is a group of legal professionals that work together in order to provide high quality services.

RPDA is a generalist firm working in a wide range of legal areas.

Although developing its major work providing services to small and medium corporations with comprehensive legal counsel, the firm advises large corporations in specific areas such as Company Law, Contract Law, Property Law and Banking Law. The firm also has individuals and organizations from the not-for-profit sector as clients.

RPDA’s main values are:

  • Understanding the professional activity as a goal in itself instead of a mere way of obtaining economic earnings;
  • Strict fulfilment of professional and civic duties regardless of third parties behaviour;
  • Intense study and dedication to each case;
  • Acceptance of work according to the expertise and capacity to develop a qualified response.

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