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Ramírez, Gutíerrez-Azpe, Rodríguez-Rivero y Hurtado
Galileo 55, 1st Floor
Col. Polanco, C.P. 11560
Mexico City, Mexico

Tel: +52 55-5280-9193
Fax: +52 55-5281-0851


Originally from Mexico City (Mexican); Degree in 2007, Mexico.


Universidad La Salle, Mexico City, Professor: General Theory of Obligations, Contracts, Notary and Registry Law, Universidad La Salle, Mexico City.


Spanish and English.


Immigration Law, Corporate Law, Foreign Investment, Real Estate.

Immigration Law Practice:

RGRH assists its clients in immigration issues related to both management and staff.

Ramírez, Gutíerrez-Azpe, Rodríguez-Rivero y Hurtado S.C:

RGRH was established in 1997. Since then, its client base has grown and is currently made up of both small and midsize Mexican and foreign companies, as well as multinationals doing business in Mexico.

Regardless of the fact that RGRH is a midsize firm, since the beginning it has held its place among the leading business firms and ranks among the most recognized corporate and commercial law firms in Mexico.

RGRH’s philosophy is based on personal service, professional excellence, timely response and reasonable rates, which make it a competitive firm in today’s demanding market and ever-changing business environment. This philosophy has allowed RGRH to not just preserve its clientele, but to steadily grow.

RGRH has always placed an emphasis on excellence, which starts by choosing the best students from different schools. Our attorneys are encouraged to study outside of Mexico and work abroad as part of their education. This enables them to become acquainted with other legal systems and allows them to better understand our foreign clients’ needs. Our attorneys possess an astute awareness of both legal and commercial issues, which makes them easy to do business with. Some are fluent in various languages, including Spanish, English and French.

The legal work and transactions in which RGRH is involved include a wide array of topics and range in sophistication from day-to-day corporate work to multinational acquisitions. Our partners are well-established members of the Mexican business community and have extensive contact with numerous local business people and key individuals in the federal and local governments.

Our partners also have a wide international exposure, and they actively participate in the American Bar Association and the International Bar Association. As a firm, we belong to several international networks, in addition to having a close working relationship with firms in the U.S., Canada and Europe.

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