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Tuborg Boulevard 1
2900 Hellerup

Tel: +45 3945 2908
Fax: +45 3945 2801


René Thornfeldt has broad legal experience with proprietary projects in the fields of technology law (IT, telecommunications and technology-driven contracts) and life science.

He advises a number of companies on a regular basis, including multinational groups and organisations in the IT, telecommunications and pharmaceutical industries. He is very commercially focused and is known, in particular, as an experienced strategic advisor, and he provides risk analysis advice as well as advice relating to the drafting and negotiation of complex agreements.

René’s special experience and qualifications within the IT and telecommunications industry extends to system acquisitions, outsourcing/BPO, tenders and licence agreements.

In the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, René advises in relation to R&D, contract drafting, including in particular OEM and development agreements, as well as regulatory issues. René also assists a number of funds on the acquisition of and investment in life science companies.

René Thornfeldt is a certified IT attorney. René is listed in Legal 500 as a Leading Individual within IT law in Denmark.

René graduated in law from the University of Copenhagen. Moreover, he holds a BSc in International Business from the Copenhagen Business School and Utah Valley University in the USA.

Accura Advokatpartnerselskab:

Accura is not a traditional law firm. For us, the law is not an end unto itself, but a means to ensure added business value for our clients. We also have a deep and detailed understanding of the business of each of our clients, which means that we always find effective solutions that add value to the clients’ business.

We have built our own business up around providing services for the Danish and international business community; among our clients are a large number of major national and multinational business clients, financial institutions, private equity funds, government investment funds, utility companies, public authorities, governments as well as private companies and their owners.

How do we work?

All our work processes are anchored firmly in the needs of our clients and aimed at creating effective and value-added solutions. We select a special group of key staff to work together with each client so that each of our clients has a team of employees to draw on in all important advisory areas.

Some assignments require larger teams to be involved. Exactly who is on these teams will be decided from assignment to assignment in consultation with the client and with a strict focus on the nature of the work to be done. At Accura, we always select the staff best suited to handle the assignment at hand. The pay that our employees and partners receive encourages specialisation and putting client interests ahead of personal ones.

Our clients are often only interested in a telephone consultation or a short reply by e-mail. At other times, a formal response in the form of a memorandum or an actual legal opinion is necessary. Accura supplies useful and timely value-added legal services, however our clients wish to receive them.

There is always one partner responsible for ensuring that an assignment is handled to the highest professional standards in the field and in a cost-efficient way.

International perspective

Many of Accura’s clients either have activities outside Denmark or are part of a foreign group of companies. As a result, international matters and considerations are an important part of many of our cases, and Accura’s staff have vast experience in handling cross-border issues.

Accura has built up an extensive network of leading law firms in many European countries and in the rest of the world. These are connections we often work together with, connections who can step in and lend a hand on very short notice.

We have one or more different collaboration partners in all major jurisdictions, which allows us to select exactly the foreign partner with the best skills to serve the client and handle the assignment in question.

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