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Chak & Associates
1402, Tower 2, Admiralty Centre
18 Harcourt Road,
Admiralty, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 3588 8001
Fax: +852 3423 5001

Email: raymond.chak@chakandassociates.com
Web: www.chakandassociates.com

Raymond is the founder and principal of Chak & Associates where he specializes in dispute resolution.

His work involves all forms of dispute resolution including arbitration, litigation and alternative dispute resolution throughout Asia. Raymond has extensive experience in dispute concerning construction, resources, joint ventures, shareholder agreements, telecommunications, banking and finance. Clients describe Raymond is trusted and always available and prepared to give professional and practical opinion.

Apart from private practice, Raymond is also on fiat list and represent the Department of Justice of Hong Kong in prosecution practice.

Raymond is admitted as a solicitor in Hong Kong. He reads and writes Chinese and speaks Mandarin.

Dispute Resolution & Litigation Practice:

As a client-oriented law firm, we recognize the unfavorable consequences brought along by legal proceedings to the companies and individuals. Therefore in the Litigation Division, we position ourselves as the innovative problem-solver of clients to resolve disputes in the shortest possible time without incurring unnecessary legal expenses, at the same time achieving the ultimate goals and securing the best benefits of our clients.

Besides offering dispute settlement solution such as litigation, judgment enforcement and negotiation, we specialize in building construction dispute, garment dispute, intellectual properties dispute and contentious insolvency etc. The wide exposure of our lawyers to various litigation cases for a diverse portfolio of clients, essentially of a commercial nature such as multinational corporations, public and private companies, professional organizations, is a valuable asset that we can take full advantage of in order to deliver tailored, flexible and sound solutions for our clients.

Chak & Associates:

Chak and Associates is a Hong Kong based law firm, advising corporations and financial institutions throughout the Asia Pacific. Chak’s is resourced by approximately 30 employees, including approximately 6 professional qualified staff and operates in two centres in Hong Kong and China.

In Hong Kong, Chak & Associates has been operating for over 10 years, providing strategic legal advice to clients across the region. Our firm offers a full service commercial capability and has established strong working and referral relationships. We have considerable experience in instructing top domestic law firms and leading legal experts across a wide range of areas. We emphasis the values we share, we aim to strengthen what makes us successful, to discourage those thing that hinder our progress, and to make a clear statement about our identity.

We want all our members to be proud of being a part of Chak & Associates as we are well respected in the legal industry.

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