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Bone McAllester Norton PLLC
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William J. “Paz” Haynes III concentrates his practice in business law. He has experience in the areas of labor and employment law, administrative law, healthcare law, and commercial and civil litigation. Earlier in his law career, Paz was a law clerk from 1995 to 1996, for the Honorable Nathaniel R. Jones (United States Court of Appeals, 6th Circuit).

Throughout the course of his practice, Paz has represented manufacturers, insurers, lending institutions, small businesses and individuals in a variety of matters. He represented Dr.Raymond Richardson, an intervenor plaintiff, in the landmark civil rights case Rita Sanders Geier v. Bredesen. Paz has advised employers of various sizes on best practices in the workplace, including institutions of higher education. He has served as outside counsel to the Tennessee Commissioner of Commerce and Insurance in rehabilitation and liquidation proceedings, and has represented creditors in a number of cases in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court.

In addition to his litigation and employment law practice, Paz represents clients before a variety of regulatory boards including the Board of Medical Examiners and other administrative agencies that govern health and medical professionals.

Paz’s healthcare practice includes representing physicians and other healthcare providers in negotiating a variety of healthcare provider contracts and business arrangements. He assists physicians and other medical providers on resolving operation issues and disputes with hospitals, practice management companies, payors and other medical professionals.

The Employment Law Practice:

Bone McAllester Norton has a team of lawyers experienced in handling all aspects of employment-related disputes, representing both companies and individuals. While many law firms represent only companies or only individuals, we find that our experience as both plaintiff and defense counsel gives us a unique perspective that helps us to better advise and guide our clients, whether they are business entities, executives or employees.

We advise executives and individuals regarding their rights and responsibilities associated with their employment. This sometimes means helping an employee make a graceful exit and pursuing compensation for past service and loyalty or advising an individual of post-employment restrictions and how that affects their flexibility with new employment. Employment problems can be extremely stressful and distracting. Our careers comprise a good portion of our time and thus a fruitful and fulfilling work experience is extremely important. If an issue arises within your employment, having competent but conservative legal counsel to advise you of your rights and responsibilities is an important part of finding a solution.

Bone McAllester Norton PLLC :

Bone McAllester Norton PLLC is a midsized Nashville law firm located in downtown Nashville, Sumner County and Williamson County. Our firm traces its roots to 1978, when Charles Bone, Sam McAllester and Mike Norton first joined together to practice law. More than two decades later, in 2002, these lawyers, along with Stacey Garrett Koju, realized their shared vision of an entrepreneurial law firm, in which attorneys could bring their expertise and passion for the law into an environment focused on high quality work, client satisfaction and community involvement. The result of this vision is Bone McAllester Norton.

Today our firm consists of nearly 40 attorneys with an extensive range of practices and experiences. We are united not only by our enthusiasm for the law but also by a relentless dedication to our clients and commitment to providing comprehensive and goal-oriented advice. We approach each case with a thorough understanding of our client’s objectives, and we focus on building creative and strategic solutions. Bone McAllester Norton functions under a commitment to accessibility, responsiveness, cost-effectiveness and professionalism.

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