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Pluhov√° 34, 831 03
Slovak Republic

Tel: +421(0) 910 973 580
Fax: +421(0) 910 979 919

Email: info@steiniger.org
Web: www.steiniger.org

During the years spent preparing for the legal profession, he worked in several law firms, where he gained considerable experience in many areas of law and business. In addition, he participated in several major private projects, where he worked as legal advisor for developing, commercial and labour law. Acquired considerable experience in the area of bankruptcy and restructuring, where he helped creditors enforce their rights.

Specialization: Real estate, Civil law, Corporate law, Commercial law, Labour law, Bankruptcy and restructuring, Legal environment of Germany and Austria.

Languages: Slovak, English, German.

Insolvency Law Practice:

Extent of STEINIGER l law firm practice area is based on the effort to cover the total legal agenda. That is why we can provide full and comprehensive legal services in all directions.
As a result of globalization and openness of the world economy is this need more and more current and therefore we constantly update our knowledge in different legal directions and different legal cultures.

In addition to specified key practice areas, STEINIGER l law firm is also available for legal services in other areas of public and private law, such as Constitutional Law, Intelectual Property & IT or Competition Law.

In our legal and commercial practice, we have had the opportunity to deal with many cases on which we have developed a sophisticated system of solutions of individual legal and economic problems.


We are a team of dedicated lawyers and advisors who understand people, business and society.
But above all, we understand the law in all its infinite depth and width, and therefore it is the STEINIGER l law firm which is able to determine trends and change the unchangeable.

Wide range, expertise, appropriate contacts and successful cooperation, it is only a few foundations of our work. We do not hold only customary convention. We are building a modern law firm that is able to respond flexibly and actively contribute to quality of legal environment at home and abroad.

We believe that provision of legal services is not just a normal job, but it is a life mission, which requires predetermined characteristics and abilities.

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