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S.P.A. Ajibade & Co
Suite 201, SPAACO House
27A Macarthy Street, Onikan
P. O. Box 80373, Lafiaji, Lagos

Tel: + 234 815 979 4211
Fax: +234 1 4605092

Email: oolasewere@spaajibade.com
Web: www.spaajibade.com

Mr. Olayimika Olasewere joined S.P.A. Ajibade & Co. in 2000 as a partner, a position which he still holds to date. Presently he heads the firm’s Real Estate and Succession Department but over time, he has been involved in full fledged law practice spanning corporate and commercial law with bias in debts recovery; criminal law and practice and the delivery of company secretarial services to corporate and private clientele.

Mr. Olasewere commenced his law career at Femi Okunnu & Co., one of Nigeria’s top law firms where he imbibed the rudiments of land law and constitutional law and practice. He also had the opportunity of servicing top notch companies like Julius Berger Nigeria Plc, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Siemens, Fougerolle and a host of other valuable clients.

Subsequently, he joined the boutique law firm of Abiola Ogunbiyi & Co., hitherto a solely solicitors’ firm, as a litigation partner. In this capacity he handled extensive litigation mainly for a top American oil service firm and also rendered legal opinions for companies in the maritime and banking industries on various areas of law, drafted security documentation for Banks including Mortgage and Syndicated Loan documentation in the Shipping Industry and also acted as counsel in Civil and Criminal Litigation.

He has prosecuted and defended numerous claims on the instructions of banks and insurance companies and has also enforced claims on behalf of claimants against banks and insured tortfeasors.

Mr. Olasewere has developed expertise in recovery of possession processes and has been actively and successfully involved in various possession matters in addition to expeditiously executing the perfection of mortgages and assignments of title to real estate properties. He also represents various land owning families and communities and has secured excisions for various communities within Lagos State.

Mr. Olasewere acted as Counsel in a multifaceted litigation involving real estate allocations in the Federal Capital City and was part of the team that acted as Solicitors to the largest public offering yet to be carried out in the country. He has also acted as an external solicitor in core litigation and other non contentious matters like mergers, delivery of legal opinions, advising on transactions, business relations and procedure and as the Lead Solicitor for the perfection of a multi-billion naira loan facility. Most recently, he was involved in a million dollar settlement involving the Federal Government of Nigeria and an international corporation.

Real Estate & Succession Law Practice:

Our real estate practice provides legal support in the sale, acquisition and perfection of title to landed property in Nigeria. We conduct due diligence on title and occupancy details as well as perfect mortgages. We represent the interests of our clients in the acquisition, sale and mortgage of real estate properties as well as advising on other real estate financing arrangements such as joint ventures and Real Estate Investment Trusts.

Our succession practice involves non-contentious as well as contentious matters. We assist our clients with the drafting of wills, obtaining probate, letters of administration and where disputes arise, in consequential litigation including the appointment of administrators pendente lite and other contentious probate proceedings. We also assist with the re-sealing of probate and letters of administration where estate properties are located outside the domicile of the deceased.

S.P.A. Ajibade & Co:

S.P.A. Ajibade & Co. is a leading Corporate and Commercial Law firm based in Nigeria. Established in 1967, it has been at the forefront of developments in commercial practice in Nigeria and has continuously rendered sound technical advice and tailored customer solutions to its local and international partners across Africa, Europe and the Americas. To our clients, S.P.A. Ajibade & Co. is a reliable partner and trusted counsel in various transactions and dispute resolution processes. We see our duty to our client as that of not just providing excellent technical advice, but also providing solutions that address and enhance a client’s purpose and business objective.

Over the last four decades, S. P. A. Ajibade & Co. has garnered an impressive track record of providing first class specialised services in the areas of Commercial Dispute Resolution, Capital Market Law and Practice, Corporate Finance, Corporate Structuring and Restructuring and Real Estate and Probate. Our successes in providing solutions have been a source of satisfaction and pride to clients and have been positively acknowledged by counter parties. Referrals from clients and counter parties constitute a good portion of our new briefs.

We are licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to provide legal advisory services in relation to the Nigerian capital market. S. P. A. Ajibade & Co. is represented on the Rules and Regulations Sub-Committee of SEC’s Capital Markets Committee, the Banking, Finance and Insolvency Sub-Committee of the Nigerian Bar Association’s Section on Business Law (NBA-SBL), as well as the National Executive Committee of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA). It is also a founding member of the Capital Market Solicitors Association (CMSA) and a member of the CMSA’s Executive Committee. We are also represented on the Council of the NBA’s Section on Business Law.

Members of the firm are active within the NBA, the International Bar Association (IBA), the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators and the Chartered Institute of Taxation. To ensure that excellent legal services are delivered to every client, every time, S. P. A. Ajibade & Co. is staffed with diversely skilled, well trained and experienced team members. The firm offers a competitive reward system to members and provides a good platform for career development to younger lawyers.

As a corporate citizen, S. P. A. Ajibade & Co. is committed to being socially responsible by making sustainable and impactful investments into the legal industry and the overall Nigerian society.

At S. P. A. Ajibade & Co., we are continuously striving to raise the standard of legal practice in Nigeria and remaining a dependable and responsible corporate partner is the central goal for every effort.

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