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Estudio Malumian & Asoc.
25 de Mayo 445
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tel: (5411) 5238-5550
Fax: (5411) 5256-8355


Attorney (Cum Laude) from Argentina and STEP Member with 20 years of experience in tax and legal advisory in relation with structured finance and financial transactions in several Latin American countries.

He doctored in Law in Buenos Aires University. He is Trust and Trustees Country Correspondent for Argentina and author of several books in Spanish on Leasing, Trusts, Public Offer of Securities, Bonds, Derivatives and one book in English on “Trusts in Latin America” (edited in 2009 by Oxford University Press) that explains the use of trust in all Latin American countries.

He lectured in more than 170 conferences in Argentina, Barbados, Bermuda, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, St. Maarten, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay and Venezuela and wrote more than 70 articles published in Latin America and Europe.

The Estate & Trust Law Practice:

We have achieved a high level of expertise in local and foreign trusts, with an emphasis on tax treatment and applicable laws arising from both Argentine and Uruguayan legislation pertaining to the creation, operation and tax treatment of trusts.With its simplicity and flexibility, this tool minimizes any risks that might affect the assets of a given individual, becoming an essential instrument that may be used to secure a whole range of transactions.

It is instrumental in securing the payment of debts and contract compliance; standing guarantee; serving as vehicle for securitization; implementing transactions arising from the application of the financial entities law; developing real estate business; restructuring liabilities, and the like. In such cases, trusts exhibit significant economic and practical advantages over traditional pledge and mortgage agreements.In the subject of securitization, we enjoy a sound track record, both from an academic and from a practical viewpoint, a member of the firm being a renowned international speaker and promoter of the practice.

Similarly, our professionals have participated in multiple mortgage, pledge and credit card voucher loan securitization operations, as well as in others involving tuition payments and real estate, export, farming, foresting and export projects.

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