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AIP & T Law Firm
Office 10, Bldg. 03, AL Ezdehar District
, South of Manarat Al Riyadh School, Exit (8)
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966- 11 454 4765
Fax: +966- 11 455 9172


Founder and Manager of AIP&T

Prior to establishing AIP&T, Atty. Mohammad Al-Otaishan has worked as an in-house intellectual property and commercial law attorney for Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) and for various other companies and law firms in Saudi Arabia.

During the last few years, Atty. Mohammad Al-Otaishan has participated in major IP international litigations such as the following notable cases:

• Exxon Mobil Corp. v. Saudi Basic Industries Corp (Patent of Chemical Catalyst Dispute)

• Merck & Co., Inc v. Jamjoom Pharm (Pharmaceutical Patent Dispute)

Atty. Mohammad has a wide legal experience in the GCC region, including being, the legal advisor of Saudi Patent Resolution Committee in Riyadh (2003 -2005).
He holds an LLM degree ( Intellectual Property ) from the University of Washington, Seattle, USA and Bachelor of Laws degree from King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah.

Language: Arabic and English

Patents Law Practice:

A patent gives the patentee exclusive right to sell, use manufacture and license the invention. It also gives the power to the inventor to exclude all third parties from using, distributing, or selling the invention without the patentee’s permission.

Before filing application, it is very important to perform patentability search to find out whether to register the invention or not. Under patentability search, we at AIP&T search all in-force and expired patents plus any previous technology to find out whether or not a particular invention is novel and has inventive step.

Infringement search is used to determine whether or not a particular invention is infringing a protected patent. This type of search is more limited compare to patentability search because it only examines the invention in light of protected patent while patentability search examine the invention in light of protected/expired patent, and all the prior unprotected technology.

Registration process is the third step for protecting invention after patentability search and drafting patent application. It is very important to know that a patentable invention is not protected by law in most of the countries covered by our service and not enforceable against third parties until the local Patent Office grants the inventor the patent certificate.

For protecting your patent in the above mentioned countries, you must be aware that there are (3) three international treaties governing patent registration, namely; Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), Paris Convention, and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

AIP & T Law Firm:

Al-Otaishan Intellectual Property & Technology Law Firm (AIP&T) is an IP Law Firm in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with an active presence in the GCC, Middle East, Africa, and Asian countries.

AIP&T is managed by Atty. Mohammad Al-Otaishan, who holds an LL.M. degree in Intellectual Property from the University of Washington, USA. Atty. Mohammad was previously a legal advisor for Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC). During his career at SABIC, he made a very remarkable contribution to the case EXXON Mobile vs SABIC which is the largest case ever in the region with respect to volume of damages and one of the most complex cases in the Middle East.

The intellectual property assets (IP) represent an essential portion of company’s capital. Yet intellectual assets formation, acquisition, estimation, transfer, and protection are more difficult than ordinary tangible assets.

AIP&T offers its clients comprehensive services at very competitive charges for all IP rights including trademarks, utility patens, design patents, domain names, copyright, and trade secrets. Our office is located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia but we provide IP services by associating with major trademark, design, and patent agents all over the GCC, Middle East, Asian and African Countries. Currently, AIP&T is rapidly expanding with its service in more than 30 jurisdictions in the GCC, Middle East, Africa, and Asian countries.

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