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Von Seidels
1 Park Close, Central Park (off Park Lane)
Century City (Cape Town) 7441
South Africa

Tel: +27 21 526 2800
Fax: +27 21 526 2801

Email: mvseidel@vonseidels.com
Web: www.vonseidels.com

Mike is a partner at Von Seidels and has extensive experience in filing and prosecuting local and foreign patent and design applications. He advises clients on their intellectual property rights and how to protect their interests.

Mike has extensive experience of over 40 years’ in patent searching, assessing patentability, drafting, filing and prosecuting local South African and foreign patent applications and registered design applications. He has been involved to an extent in patent litigation; however, his work has focused more towards to serious involvement in the licensing of intellectual property.

Mike specialises in advising clients on the broad spectrum of intellectual property rights available to them and how to best protect their business interests

Patent Law Practice:

South Africa has a depository patent filing system. South African patent applications are not subjected to substantive examination. As a result, the cost of obtaining a granted patent in South Africa is relatively low and no examination or final grant fees are payable. South Africa is a member of the Paris Convention and the PCT. The deadline for filing PCT national phase applications is 31 months from the earliest priority date. The South African Registrar of Patents has discretion to extend the national phase entry deadline by 3 months on request.

Von Seidels:

Our attorneys are a team of dynamic, dedicated and like-minded individuals that bring together many years of intellectual property law experience, knowledge and technical expertise.

At Von Seidels we are committed to being a service driven firm that, due to our constitution and focus, is able to offer personalised service to businesses of all sizes as well as to individuals.

We appreciate that the intellectual property needs of businesses vary, and we are committed to developing and implementing relevant and tailored intellectual property strategies for our clients. As substantiation of our commitment to quality, we have obtained the ISO 9001 certification for service quality. Von Seidels is the only intellectual property law firm in Africa to have obtained this certification.

The well-known Swedish intellectual property management system PATRICIA™ forms the backbone of our practice and is fundamental in achieving our quality objectives. At Von Seidels we will help you to let intellectual property work in your favour.

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