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Max Oosterhuis (1960), attorney at law, heads the Loyens & Loeff Energy Team. Max specialises in EU and national energy law and is an expert on energy and regulatory matters. He advises (inter)national energy, oil, gas and power companies, as well as national and local authorities in various transactions, project development and joint ventures a.o. in the upstream (exploration and production), midstream (LNG, gas storage, oil refinery) as well as downstream (transmission and distribution).

Max is a lecturer on EU and Dutch energy law in post-graduate studies, advisor to the Board of the Dutch Energy Law Association (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Energierecht (NeVER)) and a member of the International Bar Association (IBA) and the Technical Economic Association (TEA). He is editor for energy law in Legal up to Date and author of the Dutch Energy Law Magazine (Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Energierecht).

Natural Resources Law Practice:

Our Energy practice has several decades experience in advising clients on legal and tax issues that are broadly related to the production, trade, transportation and usage of energy.

We have divided our expertise into four teams in which specialists from different fields work closely together. The Exploration & Production team advises on all legal and tax aspects related to activities concerning oil and gas detection and production and substance storage. The International E&P structuring team focuses on structuring global activities that have to do with the detection and production of Dutch entities. Activities that concern the trade, transport and supply of gas, electricity and related products and services are the responsibility of the Network & Supply team. In cases where the activities have a direct bearing on sustainability, this is the domain of the attorneys and tax advisers working together in our NewEnergy team.

Loyens & Loeff:

As a leading firm, Loyens & Loeff is the natural choice for a legal and tax partner if you do business in or from the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, our home markets. You can count on personal advice from any of our 900 advisers based in one of our offices in the Benelux or in key financial centres around the world. Thanks to our full-service practice, specific sector experience and thorough understanding of the market, our advisers comprehend exactly what you need.

As a fully independent law firm, Loyens & Loeff is excellently positioned to coordinate international tax and legal matters. We have our own network of offices in major financial centres, staffed with specialists in Dutch, Belgian and Luxembourg law. Through these offices, our clients have access to Loyens & Loeff’s full-service legal expertise in their own time zone. Our office network is complemented by our several country desks all of which are experienced in structuring investments all over the world. It’s a winning combination that enables us to assist international clients in a very effective way. Moreover, we are on excellent terms with other leading independent law firms and tax consultants. That way, we can guarantee you top-level advice in every part of the world.

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