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The Rights Lawyers
Building 8, Suite 420
Dubai Media City
United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 4 3903646
Fax: +971 4 3908045


With experience in the Middle East since the mid 1990s, Mark has lived and worked in the region since 1999. In 2003, joined therightslawyers the Middle East’s first and only boutique media and entertainment, intellectual property and technology law firm.

Having decided at the age of 12 that he wanted to be a media lawyer (he blames everything on American TV lawyer Petrocelli apparently!), he is still as passionate now about what he does as ever! Having spent his early career doing a mix of IP, IT and media related work, he moved on to do more and more media and entertainment work, and then worked for a rock band for a few years (which he describes as “a lot of fun” although he says “yes, there are things I can’t talk about!”). He now counts himself lucky enough to work in areas that he is so passionate about including the regional broadcast, film, sport and event industries within the region. He continues to be a tireless voice for the protection of intellectual property rights throughout the region.

therightslawyers has already been involved in several of the more notable productions that have taken place in the region, from local animation success Freej to Hollywood big budget movies such as Syriana, The Kingdom, Mission Impossible IV and Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains through to locally based productions including several still in production. The firm also acted on City Of Life, the first Emirati written, directed, produced and funded movie aiming for international success and launched at Dubai International Film Festival.

In addition, through sister company, therightsmanagement, a talent, intangible property and sponsorship management and representation agency, the firm has also represented numerous personalities, artists and properties within the region, recently including names such as Lionel Messi and Paris Hilton.

The Rights Lawyers:

therightslawyers is one of a kind. The first and only boutique TMT (Technology Media and Telecommunications) firm set up in the Middle East to cater exclusively for:

  • the Creative Industries including Advertising and Marketing, Music and Entertainment, Event Management, Publishing and Media (including Multimedia and Interactive), TV, Radio and Film and Sport;
  • Businesses that are driven by or reliant on intellectual property rights (including brand and other IP rights owners, companies facing counterfeiting and IP infringement issues, franchise operations, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, companies using IP as a primary way of raising investor value, etc); and
  • The Technology, IT and Telecommunications Industries

We operate exclusively in these areas. If it doesn’t fall within one of these categories, we don’t do it! If it does fall within one of these categories, then we operate as a full service law firm catering for all legal needs a company or individuals may have including:

  • Corporate set up, offshore holding vehicles, shareholder restructuring;
  • Joint ventures and other forms of collaboration;
  • Employment matters;
  • Licensing, agency and distribution arrangements, franchising, terms of trading and all other commercial contracts;
  • The identification, protection, clearance and enforcement of intellectual property rights;
  • All media contracts relating to the business; and
  • Dispute resolution and litigation including debt recovery

Our really Unique Selling Point is our industry knowledge. Within our fields, our experience and knowledge of our clients’ industries is unrivalled. We are industry people. At a values level, we are all about delivering solutions. We are frequently told that we deliver quality with a style which is approachable, fun and dynamic. Like we said, therightslawyers is one of a kind.

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