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Mamiński & Wspólnicy
00-556 Warszawa
Al. Róż 7/4

Tel: +48 022 6229966
Fax: +48 022 6229966


Having graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Warsaw in 1990, Marcin Mamiński started in 1991 his legal internship as an attorney trainee in the Warsaw Bar Association. He served his legal internship from 1991 till 1995. During this internship Marcin Mamiński received training organised by the Paris Bar Association and he completed post diploma studies organised by the Danish Bar Association “Actions of a lawyer specialising in business law within the European Union”. Marcin Mamiński has been a member of the Warsaw Bar Association since 1996. The same year he set up a Law Office in Warsaw which currently operates as Mamiński & Wspólnicy sp.k.

Attorney Marcin Mamiński specializes in civil law, commercial law and customs law in a broad meaning of these terms. He provides counselling to the Polish Chamber of Customs and International Commerce, provides advice to the parliament on new legislation and he is the author of comprehensive legal analyses and legal audits.

Marcin Mamiński has fluent command of English and French.

Commercial Law Practice:

Our Law Office provides thorough legal services for commercial law companies, including corporate issues related to founding and operation of the company governing bodies – general meetings of shareholders and partners, supervisory board meetings, management board meetings, modifying and amending companies’ articles and memoranda of association, stock and share remission, pledge and turnover, as well as to other matters regulated by the provisions of commercial law. We also offer our clients legal assistance in mergers, splits and other forms of reorganisation or restructuring. Our Law Office participated in privatization and restructuring proceedings of large economic entities, including commercial law companies where State Treasury was a shareholder.

Mamiński & Wspólnicy:

Our Law Office commenced its activity in 1996, when attorney at law Marcin Mamiński began his legal practice in Individual Law Office. Ever since it was founded our Office has been incessantly increasing the area of its practice and it has employed lawyers who are not only highly qualified but also experienced.

Due to the development of the Law Office, in March 2006 a limited partnership Mamiński & Wspólnicy sp.k. was founded – where Marcin Mamiński is a general partner and Marek Kijowski is a limited partner.

Since 2006 Mamiński & Wspólnicy sp.k. has been a member of the Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Industry. Mamiński & Wspólnicy sp.k. is also a member of the international and prestigious organization the 5 StarLaw ( – an international network of carefully selected lawyers from all over the world.

Mamiński & Wspólnicy sp.k. regularly participates in the annual rankings of the best Polish law firms and each year is ranked on very high positions.

Currently, Mamiński & Wspólnicy sp.k. employs 10 attorneys at law, 8 legal advisors, 1 tax consultant, 14 legal trainees and a team of experienced lawyers, assistants and administrative personnel.

Professional team employed in our Office consists of 38 persons.


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