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The Intercorp Group
45 Pont Street

Tel: +44 (0) 203 427 3308
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Email: leonardo@intercorpgroup.com
Web: www.intercorpgroup.com

For 22 years, Leonardo Braune acts as a tax consultant in the areas of international tax, real estate planning, weatlh preservation, fiduciary advice, implementation and management of international structures and project management.

He began his career at Arthur Andersen as a trainee. Over the years, he became Senior Manager of the tax consulting area acting significantly in many segments at Arthur Andersen and working very closely with several international offices on very large global projects.

With a vast experience in tax, an extremely diversified client base and a very strong global network of top specialists in many different business related areas, Leonardo Braune has been a part of a large number of successful projects in several industries such as oil and gas, telecommunications, real estate, international services, investment funds and asset management.

The Intercorp Group was established under the supervision of Leonardo Braune with the objective of becoming one of the few truly international tax consulting boutiques, fully capable of providing high quality tax, estate planning and fiduciary structuring services, delivering to its clients very efficent and practical solutions.

The Tax Law Practice:

The international tax planning process, focuses in identifying opportunities within the legal systems of multiple coutnries, to efficiently reduce the tax cost of doing business.

Taxes are an extrlemly important part of business costs. With the globalization of the economy, proper management of tax costs, has become a priority for the exectuvie team of large corporations and also for the business owners.
A solid tax planning process, fully in compliance with the legislation in force can extremely reduce costs for businesses.

The Intercorp Group has developed special techiniques to fully understand our clients business, their strenghts and their limitations, being capable of analyzing in detail the operations, and therefore coming up with alternatives and suggestions that usually make a key difference in the tax impact of the business.

The Intercorp Group:

The Intercorp Group is a high level consulting firm specializing in Tax, Estate Planning and Fiduciary structures. Our team consists of professionals with extensive experience. With this, we operate in a very unique way in addressing the issues of taxation, accounting, and international transactions of our clients.Once we have assisted our clients in determining their needs, our primary purpose is to facilitate and coordinate the development and implementation of the steps involved in their project. Our intial job is to assign one of our qualified coordinators, who will act in entire advisory and consulting process.

These coordinators have access to an international network of professionals and specialists in many areas and are responsible for “playing the role of the client” being therefore, extremely capable of clarifying questions and giving suggestions and practical solutions to their issues. Commitment, creativity, technicality, quality and reliability are our strengths. Our goal is to make our clients feel confident and comfortable that we are handling their matters properly and efficiently.With Intercorp Group, our clients can have direct or indirect access to an unique global network of specialists and professionals that will work in a simple, clear and objective manner.

Miami Office: 150 SE 2nd Ave, Suite 808, Mimai, Fl, 33131  |  +1 (305) 371 2858

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