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Czyżewscy kancelaria adwokacka
ul. Emilii Plater 10
lok. 57, 00 -669

Tel: +48 22 407 21 01
Fax: +48 22 407 00 01

Email: k.czyzewska@kclegal.eu
Web: www.kclegal.eu

Katarzyna Czyżewska, an advocate, with many years of experience in providing advice to entities operating in the broadly understood life sciences sector, including pharmaceutical companies.

Katarzyna Czyżewska renders legal consultancy services in regulatory matters connected with manufacturing and marketing medicinal products, medical devices, cosmetics and foodstuffs. In particular, Katarzyna deals with issues related to reimbursement of drugs, medical devices and nutritional products, Community and national registration procedures for medicinal products, including post-registration variations and renewals, as well as with the distribution and safety of use of drugs and other products, and with clinical trials. Her areas of interest include advertising-related issues in the pharmaceutical industry and in related sectors, as well as the matters of unfair competition and of the protection of personal rights. Katarzyna has great experience in assisting pharmaceutical companies in managing crisis situations in the media. Katarzyna Czyżewska represents clients from the life sciences sector, both in proceedings before public administration bodies and in court litigation.

Katarzyna Czyżewska actively participates, as an expert, in public consultations concerning legal acts in the domain of life sciences, as well as she advises one of the most important organizations representing entrepreneurs acting on the pharmaceutical market in Poland. Katarzyna Czyżewska is also acting for the benefit of the Polish Bar, as a member of two commissions affiliated with the National Bar Council.

Life Sciences Law Practice:

e provide comprehensive legal services to pharmaceutical companies and other entities operating in the broadly understood life sciences sector. We have vast experience in work for the pharmaceutical industry, including all aspects of operating on the medicinal product market.

In particular, our consultancy to pharmaceutical companies comprises all regulatory matters. We advise on issues of medicinal product marketing authorisation, renewals, post-registration variations and reimbursement. We also conduct litigation in this regard. We deal with pharmacovigilance matters and with the generally understood quality supervision. In this respect, we also assist our clients in suspending and recalling a batch of a medicinal product. The area of our interest also comprises issues connected with manufacturing medicinal products, including the application of the Good Manufacturing Practice.

In addition, the Law Firm advises pharmaceutical companies and entities dealing with the distribution of medicinal products on matters related to trading in drugs, including parallel import. We issue opinions on sales activities and marketing actions in the distribution channels, we provide assistance in matters connected with the sale of drugs on the hospital market. We handle legal problems involving both wholesale and retail sale of medicinal products.

The Law Firm’s practice in the area of pharmaceuticals also encompasses the issues of advertising and promotion of medicinal products. We evaluate draft advertising materials and conduct litigation before administrative bodies and administrative courts in matters concerning the compliance of an advertisement with the pharmaceutical law. We deal with legal aspects of all promotion activities, including post-marketing studies and sponsoring in pharmacy. We also represent our clients in disputes involving acts of unfair competition in the area of medicinal product advertising. In addition, our work for the pharmaceutical industry comprises the management of crisis situations in the media, specifically connected with the infringement of personal rights of pharmaceutical companies, and criminal law matters.

Czyżewscy kancelaria adwokacka:

zyżewscy kancelaria adwokacka s.c. has been established based on our experience in providing services to entities operating in the life sciences sector on the one hand, and in the intellectual property sector on the other, as a response to growing market demands for highly specialised legal services. While forming our Law Firm, we adopted a unique model of a boutique law firm with a view to providing our clients with bespoke legal services, taking into account not only legal regulations, but the specific nature of their activity. We would like to provide our clients with legal assistance that is fully tailor-made for them. In our work, we also draw on our previous practice in handling court actions and out-of-court disputes.

We believe that, while offering our clients specialised legal services, dedicated to several selected industries and fields of law, we are also able to render assistance at the highest professional level what has been noted already in the first year of the Law Firm’s operations by two prestigious international law firm rankings “Legal500” and “Chambers & Partners”. In the latter the Firm has received recommendations in the two of the Firm’s main fields of expertise: Life Sciences and Intellectual Property what has placed us among the top ranked specialist in the selected areas of practice.

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