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Sargent & Krahn
Avenida Andres Bello 2711
Piso 19, Las Condes
Santiago, Chile

Tel: +56223683554
Fax: +56223604010

Email: jpegana@sargent.cl
Web: www.sargent.cl

Juan Pablo Egaña has been a partner at Sargent & Krahn since 2000. He joined the firm in 1992. He has exercised his profession as a lawyer in the fields of Industrial and Intellectual Property Law and Antitrust Law, advising Chilean and foreign clients about applications, contracts and litigations involving these matters. He has been a panelist in conferences on Patents. He is Assistant Professor of Industrial Property Law in the Law School of the Catholic University of Chile.
Languages: Spanish and English Called to the Bar: Chile, 1990.

Education: Law School, University of Chile (BA Law 1990). The George Washington University, USA (LL.M Patent and Intellectual Property Law 1995).

Memberships: Colegio de Abogados de Chile A.G. (Chilean Bar Association), International Trademark Association (INTA), American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA), Asociación Chilena de Derecho de Propiedad Industrial (ACHIPI) (Chilean Association of Industrial Property Law), and Licensing Executive Society (LES).

Patents Law Practice:

We file and prosecute patents, utility models, industrial designs and drawings for local and international clients in Chile. We have a broad network of international correspondents that work with us to advise our clients regarding the registration of their patents, utility models, industrial designs and industrial drawings in foreign countries. Our firm works with excellent technical professionals with experience in IP matters who can assist our clients during the process prior to the filing by conducting searches of the prior art, analyzing the potential patentability of the product or process and drafting applications for the registration of patents, utility models, industrial designs and industrial drawings. A key element of the drafting and registration of a patent is to determine what is the relevant state of the art, which will allow to accurately define the scope of protection and thus increase the possibilities of commercial exploitation. Additionally, and prior to the commercial exploitation of any technology, it is convenient to check whether it could affect third party rights. Our technicians have experience in searches of the state of the art and can advise our clients in these matters for the adequate protection of the inventions and exploitation of the new technological products.

In the area of Engineering and Electronics, we can advise our clients regarding the inventions associated to cars, medical tools and instruments, new materials, nanotechnology, products and process for aquaculture, products and processes for mining, products and processes for forestry industry, chemical products, renewable resources, telecommunications systems, electronic circuits and mechanisms for electronic control. In the area of Chemical, Biological and Pharmaceutical Products, we can advise our clients in regards to inventions associated to food, cosmetics, new pharmaceutical compounds and compositions for medical or veterinary use, textiles, paper, plastics, polymers, explosives, chemical industrial products and processes, agrochemical products and processes, among others.

Sargent & Krahn:

Innovation and the generation of intangible assets are relevant for economic development. Technological changes are increasingly faster and the Internet has changed the manner in which individuals and companies relate to each other. Therefore, it is currently essential to have an Intellectual Property (IP) advisor that is capable of providing comprehensive services adjusted to the needs of the individual and the companies in this world that is rapidly evolving. Our firm provides these comprehensive services. Sargent & Krahn® was founded in 1889 by Thomas Sargent and then joined Otto Krahn, establishing among the first professional firms dedicated to the protection of IP in Chile.

The visionary and entrepreneurial spirit of our founders is our inspiration and motivates us to keep our firm in the cutting edge of IP and develop new specialized areas of practice within this field. At Sargent & Krahn® we firmly believe that it is our responsibility to find the answers to questions that our clients have not considered in regards to the protection of their intangible assets and to guide them in the process of development and improvement of their IP policies. Thus, if you select our firm, we will advise you in regards to the registration and exercise of intangible assets and also provide tailored advice of qualified professionals with experience in their areas of practice. Our working structure has been planned to put into effect the commitments of Sargent & Krahn® towards its clients. As a result, each client is appointed a general IP counsel who is teamed with a litigation attorney. We also have excellent technical professionals with experience in matters associated to engineering, electronics, chemistry, biology, software and pharmaceutical products.

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