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JWK Law Office
7th Floor Unit C Office 88
Kota Kasablanka Jl. Casablanca Kav. 88
South Jakarta, Indonesia

Tel: +62-21-2927-7887
Fax: +62-21-2927-7888


Mr. Koesnaidi is a prominent trade lawyer with over 10 years experience in Indonesian and International Trade Law. His primary area of expertise focuses on WTO Trade Remedies, WTO Dispute Settlement, IPR, Customs and Competition Law. He has extensive experience defending foreign and domestic clients throughout various stages of Indonesian anti-dumping, anti-subsidy and safeguards proceedings. Not only has he successfully representing a wide range of sectors in multiple jurisdictions (Indonesia, Australia, Brazil, Malaysia, Indiaand the United States) Mr. Koesnaidi has also worked as a top advisor to the Indonesian Ministries of Trade, Industry, AND Marine Affairs and Fisheries.

Trade Law Practice:

Global trade compliance is the process undertaken by international businesses seeking to abide by country rules and regulations governing the movement of goods across international borders. These complex rules apply to importers, exporters, and domestic producers and vary across different sectors of the economy. Identifying, understanding, and complying with the full range of ever-changing trade, investment, and customs related regulations is crucial for businesses looking to succeed in the Indonesian marketplace.

JWK Law Office has a long history working with clients to achieve compliance with prevailing Indonesian laws and customs regulations. Our primary focus is on trade-related issues including Import/Export Licensing for Sugar, Smartphones and Electronic Water Heaters; Foreign Food (ML) Labeling; Electronic Product Labeling; Manual and Warranty Registration; Goods Declaration Certificate (SPB), Halal Certificate, and Goods Declaration Number (NPB). The firm has extensive experience preparing country reports for multinational organizations looking to penetrate new markets including identification of trade-related regulations effecting market access for specific products as well as assistance in complying with changing regulations.

JWK Law Office:

JWK Law Office is a Jakarta-based boutique law firm specializing in trade defense instruments and WTO law. The firm’s main aim is to serve its clients’ need for reliable and cost-effective legal services in their daily business activities, both across the globe and within the complex and constantly evolving Indonesian legal landscape. The firm personalizes its premier legal services according to each client’s needs and budget in order to achieve their strategic objectives.

as well as other market access barriers. With its global network, in-depth knowledge of national and international regulations, and sophistication in handling complex matters involving antidumping, countervailing and safeguard measures in Indonesia and abroad, JWK has developed a strong record of successfully defending both domestic and multinational clients, as well as governments, in worldwide WTO trade defense proceedings.

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