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Münsterstraße 21
33330 Gütersloh

Tel: +49 5241 90 33-0
Fax: +49 5241 1 48 59

Email: johannes.schipp@t-s-c.eu
Web: www.t-s-c.eu

Dr. Johannes Schipp was born in 1959. He has been a licensed lawyer since 1985 and since 1987 a specialist lawyer for employment law. In 1991 he was promoted at the University of Bielefeld. Apart from his professional commitments as a lawyer he also makes literary contributions and is a active lecturer in the training of specialist lawyers.

He is one of the editors of the book ‘labour law of company pension scheme’. He is chairman of the working group labour law of the German Bar Association (DAV).

Employment & Pensions Practice:

Most of our clients on the employer side work with us in a permanent consultancy relationship. This way we are familiar with the operational features and are always up-to-date on current affairs. We can therefore solve issues also arising at short notice, especially in the area of industrial constitution law, with great competence.

A focal point of our activities is the reorganisation of a company. Together with the responsible persons on site as well as any involved management consultants we develop strategies for the execution of operational concepts together. We naturally take on the employment law-related transition and conduct any cases that may prove to be necessary.

The costs for company pension schemes are becoming increasingly important especially with regard to corporate transfers and this not only in the case of the privatisation of public utilities. We can help with the reorganisation or dissolution of previously existing company pension schemes by drawing on the competence which we have achieved throughout the many years of experience.

A further focal point of our activities is the representation of boards of directors, managing directors and executives. Especially these mandates require qualified and unconditionally result-orientated negotiation strategies. At the same time it is necessary to show a great amount of sensitivity when dealing with negotiation opponents and a realistic assessment of the actual feasibility.


The law firm T-S-C operates nationwide and is well-known in the area of employment law. We are a highly specified chamber of specialist solicitors with a manageable number of legal staff members exclusively dealing with employment law mandates. Our clientele consists of mainly middle-sized and larger companies as well as management boards, managing directors and executives.

At the beginning of 2003, the lawyers’ office was formed from the already renowned Lawyers’ office for labour law Neef & Tschöpe. Due to its dissolution, the former two offices with their partners at other locations respectively were merged in Gütersloh, Germany, under the name Tschöpe/Schipp/Clemenz Fachanwälte für Arbeitsrecht [Lawyers specialised in Labour Law]. Following the retirement of Dr. Ulrich Tschöpe, and Mr Paschke and Dr. Wortmann joining the office as partners, the name was changed to T/S/C Fachanwälte für Arbeitsrecht and the lawyers’ office was transformed into a Partnerschaftsgesellschaft mit beschränkter Berufshaftung. In addition to the five partners, three lawyers are currently employed by the firm.

We wish to continue to grow in the future, however, taking great care and as far as possible with our own efforts in order to maintain the high quality standard and thereby still ensuring the personal intensive care of our clients that they are used to. We advise and represent our clients nationwide in all areas of employment law.

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