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Advokatfirmaet Grette DA
Filipstad Brygge 2
N-0114 Oslo

Tel: +(47) 90 20 49 95
Fax: +(47) 22 34 00 01


Partner and attorney Johan Hveding has almost 20 years’ business law experience, with an emphasis on employment law. For the most part he acts for the employer – both private and public – but also takes cases on behalf of the employee, which gives him valuable experience when assisting employers. Johan has extensive experience with court procedures and negotiations.

Johan Hveding has considerable experience in employment litigation and is described by clients as a “high-quality corporate lawyer who is good at finding arguments and strategies for cases.”

His practice areas consist of all labour and employment law aspects, including employment-related immigration law. He has significant experience with the treatment of posting of workers and the handling of terms in connection with residence in Norway.

The Employment Law Practice:

Grette provides businesses, individuals and organisations with high quality solutions in the fields of both collective and individual employment law.

One of the most important things our experience from employment law has taught us is that theoretical knowledge is not enough. You also need to have great compassion for your fellow human beings. Assisting both employers and employees has given us valuable experience in understanding the multi-faceted aspects of a case.

In addition, the lawyers in our employment law group are highly competent and industry-oriented. They have extensive knowledge of key topics such as collective and individual pensions, contractual pensions in both the public and private sectors and early retirement pensions.

Advokatfirmaet Grette DA:

Grette is a Norwegian law firm which offers key expertise in all the central areas of commercial law. All our lawyers come from extensive, broad-based backgrounds but are specialists in different fields. Grette emphasises personal service and close cooperation based on trust and without formal barriers.

Grette currently has around 90 lawyers and staff. Every day we uphold and develop the values on which Grette was founded.

Grette aims to be a law firm at the forefront of business and public activities. We take a long-term, relational and knowledge-based approach when tailoring our range of services, which include legal advice, transactions, dispute resolution and crisis management.

Our communication, cooperation, response times, capability to adjust and organisation are all based on providing a service that inspires client confidence. We see Grette as a function of our clients’ needs.

Grette has grown considerably over recent years, partly due to the recruitment of new personnel within certain strategic areas. Grette has been through a realignment process and a generational shift. We have developed a flatter profile, established greater industry focus, created multi-disciplinary cooperation and implemented real equality between our partners.

Our history goes back to 1887. There is an inherent power in an organisation that has lasted for 125 years. We were here yesterday, we are here today and we will be here tomorrow – for our clients.

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