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PIERÓG & Partners
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00-684 Warsaw

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An uncontested authority on Public procurement law and the author of numerous publications, including the most influential and valued Commentary on the Public Procurement Act, published by C.H. Beck Publishing House.
Jerzy Pieróg has been overseeing the Law Office since 15 years and personally supervises the entire team and key clients. Head of the public procurement department.

For almost 10 years Jerzy Pieróg was an arbitrary for public procurement from the list issued by the President of The Public Procurement Office, ruling in hundreds of appeals cases.

As a plenipotentiary of the procurer he has successfully completed numerous public procurement proceedings.
Represents our Clients in the major, most difficult cases. Has achieved immense success in appeals proceedings related to the construction of energy blocks, the value of which was 6,5 billion PLN and 11 billion PLN, respectively.

Public Procurement Law Practice:

Pieróg & Partners Law Office is one of the leading law firms in Poland with expertise in public procurement. High positions in annual rankings confirm our strong market position.

We provide professional, comprehensive legal services with the purpose of successful and effective obtaining public procurements. For contractors, cooperation with our team is a guarantee of avoiding legal traps related to participating in public tenders and subsequently – a good chance at obtaining a lucrative contract. For procurers – a guarantee of legality of all the decisions and activities related to tender procedures, and above all, a certainty of a duly conducted proceeding for public procurement.

We offer professional help to our clients at every stage of proceedings for public procurement, as well as in the stage of fulfilling the contract. Our team will skillfully handle the appeals procedure and ensure the highest quality of representation before the National Appeals Chamber and district courts. If need be, we prepare legal opinions and analysis. Furthermore, PIERÓG & Partners Law Office offers aid in pursuing compensation claims due to damage sustained during a proceeding for public procurement (for example, withholding the deposit) or related to the completion of the procurement.

PIERÓG & Partners :

PIERÓG & Partners Law Office situated in Warsaw is one of the leading law firms in Poland, deemed to be the leader in the field of public procurement law.

The founder of PIERÓG & Partners Law Office is Jerzy Pieróg, legal counsel and attorney, one of the pioneers of public procurement in Poland and the author of an extraordinarily influential commentary. He is one of the most experienced specialists in this field, valued for his ability of theoretical understanding of the law as well as masterful handling of lawsuits (Chambers Europe 2013).

Stable and varied in regards to practicing law, the team of experts of PIERÓG & Partners for the last 15 years has been successfully providing professional legal services to national and international business entities, entities offering public procurements, public procurement contractors as well as state government and local governments. In the recent years the range of this service has expanded to include such areas as: public-private partnership and concession contracts, construction investments, European Union funds and public aid, TMT (technology, media and telecommunication), corporate services as well as litigation in courts and administration bureaus.

All actions undertaken in our Clients’ interest are characterized by exceptional knowledge, considering not only the legal aspects, but also including technical and business aspects as well as great dedication to realization of projects. The objective of the team is to fulfill the needs of our Clients quickly and effectively while maintaining the highest quality of service.

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