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Nexus Law Group
Level 54, 111 Eagle Street
Brisbane Qld 4000

Tel: +617 3182 3475
Fax: +612 4961 1009

Email: jdf@nexuslawyers.com.au
Web: www.nexuslawyers.com.au

James specialises in Innovative & Sustainable Property Development Law and related activities, within his broader Real Estate and Commercial Law practice.

He is passionate about helping his clients identify innovative ways to build profit and achieve their commercial goals.

Property and Real Estate Practice:

James is passionate about innovative & sustainable property development and much of his practice focuses on helping development clients identify innovative ways to achieve their commercial goals using green technology.

His particular areas of interest include:

  • Effective commercial use of underutilised or vacant public space, including “Pop-Up” retail community and, co-working spaces;
  • Urban encroachment laws;
  • ‘Green’ leases which seek to achieve and maintain Green credentials;
  • Determining whether mandatory Commercial Building Disclosure obligations of NABERS rating apply when selling or leasing commercial office space where gross lettable area is > 2,000 m2 (soon to be > 1,000m2);
  • Environmental and sustainable housing, urban renewal and TOD (transit oriented development); and
  • Standard legal considerations in commercial and residential property development, including but not limited to the following:

o risk management and legal entity structuring;

o options for site acquisition;

o “off-the-plan” Contracts;

o environmental compliance;

o joint venture agreements and development contracts;

o tax and GST; and

o FIRB – Foreign Investment Review Board considerations.

The above interests are supported by James’ broad legal and commercial experience.  He has not only worked for boutique property and commercial law practices, but has also extensive experience IT consulting on major projects, developing his own strategic residential property projects, and operating his own transport company for many years.

James’ diverse background, and his innovative approach to commercial property requirements make him a valuable knowledge resource in the Nexus team.

Nexus Law Group:

Nexus Law Group is an innovative and progressive law firm with an approach that benefits both clients and lawyers.

A champion of the ‘NewLaw’ concept, Nexus was established as a means through which aspiring and accomplished lawyers can practice law as sole practitioners, but with the collegial support of a network of other senior lawyers in a practice system with full administrative backup. Sole practitioners operating under the model have all the benefits flexibility and autonomy of sole practice, but enjoy the advantages that come with working under a recognised brand and national structure that promotes referral of work.

To lawyers the firm offers the flexibility of sole practice while keeping the benefits of the large firm structure. Nexus is at the forefront of a revolution in the way that legal services are delivered and offers lawyers a fresh way at delivering top-tier services to their clients.

Nexus gives clients the assurance of knowing that they are being advised by highly experienced lawyers. The firm is unique, in that no other firm allows for such direct access to such senior and experienced counsel. The lawyer network is as powerful as any top-tier firm in the quality of advice it can provide, but because overheads are low, Nexus can provide this quality of advice to clients at an unmatched value.

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