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Mohsin Tayebaly & Co
2nd Floor Dime Centre, BC-4 Block 9
KDA Scheme 5, Clifton
Karachi, Pakistan

Tel: +92-21 35375658
Fax: +92-21 35870240


Irfan Tayebaly, B.Com., BBA (Hons.), LL.B., MBA, Advocate High Court, Senior Partner has been practicing law since over 25 years and has been involved predominantly in corporate, banking, financial, corporate and privatization matters. Taking advantage of his MBA Degree and his five years’ experience as an international corporate, banking and financial legal adviser at London. Irfan M. Tayebaly specializes in corporate, banking and financial law and practice, including advising on mergers and acquisitions, joint venture companies and projects, formation and licensing of banking companies, investment finance companies, leasing companies, investment advisory and investment companies, advising on and structuring syndication, banking, financial, leasing transactions, company and corporate matters, drafting and advising on banking, commercial and property / security documentation, contracts, structuring and documentation of financial investment transactions, joint venture agreements and advising on trade and commercial disputes.

Irfan M. Tayebaly is primarily responsible for dealing with banking and capital market and corporate clients and advising high end corporates, banks, leasing companies, modarabas, investment finance companies, brokerage houses and other corporate clients on behalf of the firm. He is probably the most experienced lawyer in Privatization transaction of banks and financial institutions in Pakistan and TFC (bond) issues in Pakistan. He also specializes in acquisition and sale transaction of banks and financial institutions and other corporate acquisitions and mergers.

Mohsin Tayebaly & Co:

Mohsin Tayebaly & Co. was founded by (late) Mr. Mohsin Tayebaly over fifty years ago and today it is renowned for being one of the leading law firms in Pakistan for banking, corporate, commercial, and financial matters.

Mohsin Tayebaly & Co. is a law firm operating in Pakistan which specializes in advising financial institutions, companies and state and regulatory bodies on their most complex and challenging legal issues.

Our aim is to provide consistently high quality advice that combines technical expertise with an understanding of the commercial environment in which our clients operate.

We have come a long way in a period of over fifty years and are able to provide a combination of legal expertise in the fields of corporate, commercial and financial and civil law in Pakistan.

Mohsin Tayebaly & Co. The firm presently consists of twenty eight law associates (seven partners and twenty one associates), which by comparison to the usual size of other firms in Pakistan, is considered a large sized firm.

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