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Ghada M. Darwish Law Firm
Level 15, Al-Fardan Towers
Al Funduq Street, West Bay
Doha – State of Qatar

Tel: +974 44 889 050
Fax: +974 44 889 040


Ghada M. Darwish Law Firm is established by an experienced Qatari lawyer. Ghada, who is currently a PHD candidate at Cairo University, has graduated from Qatar University with a Bachelor of Law degree.

Following her graduation she joined the National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) in Qatar. Effectively establishing the legal department within the Committee, she was appointed in the position of Head of Investigations and Legal Advice. Her duties comprised of reviewing and considering petitions and complaints of human rights abuses, meeting concerned parties, formulating legal opinions and advising management and the parties concerned on their legal rights. She liaised with local authorities, carried out field visits and participated in preparing periodical reports.

Parallel to her work with the NHRC, she continued her legal studies in Cairo University, where she has obtained a Master of Laws degree in Public law.

After leaving the NHRC, Ghada joined the well-known Qatari law firm of Khalid Al-Attiyah. During her short tenure at the firm, she worked on several cases and advised on several transactional matters. Her work also involved dealing with many of the firm’s clients and providing them with legal advice as required.

After gaining some solid hands-on experience, Ghada went to work as a Legal Researcher in the Legal Department of Qatar University. In this capacity, she drafted or reviewed many contracts relating to various works and services, drafted memorials relating to court cases, carried out legal research related to complex legal issues, reviewed various legal queries and provided written and verbal legal advice on various legal issues. She also served as a member of the Tenders and Auctions Committee and as a member of the committee to develop and modify procedures and policies for the University of Qatar.

Ghada’s last in-house position before joining the legal profession was at Qatar Chemical Company LTD, where she served as a Legal Counsel. Her duties included providing proactive legal assistance and advice on various legal issues like commercial contracts, dispute resolution, government funding agreements, regulatory matters, employment, and corporate governance.

Despite her very busy professional life, Ghada proceeded to register as a PHD researcher of Administrative law in Cairo University. She is currently preparing her thesis entitled. “Limitations on the Jurisdiction of the Administrative Circuit in Administrative Disputes – A Comparative Study.”

Ghada M. Darwish Law Firm features a group of advisers and lawyers from different legal cultures. The law firm since its inception is keen to integrate the civil legal system with Anglo-Saxon culture system, so as to achieve a harmonious legal environment to provide the best legal services.

Ghada is ably assisted by lawyers with different backgrounds and qualifications offering many decades of lawyering expertise in the Middle East and beyond.

The Corporate & Commercial Law in Qatar:

The Commercial Companies Law governs the regulations relating to the structure and governance of companies.

The Law provides that any company established in Qatar must be classified under one of the categories prescribed in the Law.

The Commercial Law regulates and deals with the commercial activities, business agencies, commercial concerns, trade names, and competition. Commercial contracts in general, the rights and obligations of the buyer and the seller, maritime sales, commercial agencies, commission agencies and brokerage.

The said law also deals with banking transactions and commercial papers including bills of exchange, promissory notes and cheques.

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