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BBH, advokátní kancelář
Klimentská 1207/10
110 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic

Tel: +420 234 091 355
Fax: +420 234 091 366


František Honsa is a founding Partner of BBH and, since 2008, he has been the Managing Partner of BBH Prague responsible for the Litigation and Arbitration Department as well as BBH’s Criminal Law Legal Services Department. Mr. Honsa gained previous professional experience working with the Halliburton Company and a significant Canadian law office and has garnered expertise in the criminal pleading of ‘white-collar’ defendants being prosecuted for financial offences.

František Honsa’s main focus is in commercial and banking law, both in civil disputes held in court proceedings or in domestic and international arbitration, whereas, his team succeeded, for example, in a civil arbitration case concerned with defining the responsibility of banks to protect their clients’ accounts and information. This case centered on a leading Slovenian industrial company’s defense against claims arising from purposely created contracts. Mr. Honsa successfully represented a large foreign bank in the interpretation of obligations arising from the ISDA standards within the Czech legal context, and he also represented one of the leading energy companies in the Czech Republic in an international arbitration regarding the breach of a joint-venture agreement. Among his many cases, František also acted for an international client in an arbitration case arising from the breach of a loan agreement, and for a leading Czech media company regarding the breach of a shareholders’ agreement and he successfully represented one of the largest international entertainment companies in an international arbitration case concerning the acquisition of a local distribution network. František Honsa also acted as legal counsel leading an arbitration case arising from the breach of a shareholders’ agreement concerning one of the largest Czech industrial companies. Mr. Honsa further has extensive experience in the defence of criminal business fraud and white-collar crime cases.

BBH, advokátní kancelář:

BBH, advokátní kancelář, s.r.o. (BBH) is a prominent Czech law firm with an international presence. Established 2000, BBH acquired the business of a leading international law firm which had been operating in the Czech Republic since 1990. BBH is currently operating in Prague, Czech Republic, Moscow, Russian Federation (BBH Legal LLC) and in Bratislava, Slovakia (BBH advokátska kancelária, s.r.o.).

With its team of more than 45 Czech lawyers with various specializations and earned professional expertise, BBH provides its clients with top quality legal services. Together with its international branches, BBH benefits from the support of over 75 lawyers. BBH’s services are rendered in the Czech, Slovak, English, Russian, German, French, and Spanish languages.

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