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Gasparro Frattini e Associati
Via Lazzaro Spallanzani
6 – 20129, Milano

Tel: +39 0229517561
Fax: +39 0220404273


Francesco Frattini holds a Masters in Law (LLM) at King’s College London with a special focus on Trusts, cross border M&A and International Finance. He is also member of AIJA and of the International Bar Association since 2001, as well as of STEP (Society of Trusts and Estate Practitioners) since 2014.

He, therefore, built in a professional network with professional partners of the most prestigious international law firms that allows an immediate contact and comparison for cross-border transactions, real estate, corporate, inheritance and, in general for tax and wealth plannig.

As a member of the Commission for International Studies – 2020 of the National Council of Notaries, he follows the works on the draft directive on the SUP (Societas unius personae) and Regulation 650/2012 – also known as Brussels IV – regarding the Law Applicable to Succession and the European Certificate of Succession.

He is a professor of civil law at the School of Legal Specialization of the University of Genoa and author of publications on the subject or family law, guarantees, corporate law and condominium. He has completed an LLM (master of Laws) at King’s College London, University among the top ten in the world rankings, with specialisation in the following subjects:

  • Law of International Finance – International syndicated loans and Eurobonds issues
  • Law of International Finance II – International project financing and loan sales
  • Law of international Finance III – Securization, derivatives and CDO’s
  • Regulation of the conduct of mergers and acquisitions
  • International and comparative law trust

Francesco performed as a lawyer from 2005 to 2011 dealing with company law, inheritance, contractual and procurement, carrying out judicial and consulting activities. Founder of offices in Milan and Varese, provided consultancy to Italian companies abroad, through a network of professionals based in Geneva, London, Mexico City, Moscow and Bangkok.

He won the competition notary D.D.G. 2006 and assumed the functions of a notary in 2011. He is also an authorised mediator.

Gasparro Frattini e Associati:

Studio Gasparro Frattini and Associates is able to provide advice and assistance related to international and transnational corporate transactions, transfers of seats from abroad in Italy and from Italy to other countries, including incorporation of companies, even offshore, limited liability (LLC or LTD) in the UK, US, Ireland, Cyprus, Malta, Luxembourg (société anonyme) or in other EU countries or extra EU, even with bearer bonds, as well as advice and assistance for the establishment of trusts and incorporation of trust companies.

The firm’s activities include: the drawing of contracts (sales contracts, exchange contracts, division of assets, donations, life annuities, mortgages, financing lease and other kinds of financings, stocks and shares transfers, ongoing transfers, etc.) company and non-profit organisation formations, by-laws modifications, shareholders meetings of listed and unlisted companies, assistance in the closing phase of company acquisitions and in M&A operations (capital increase, pledge on shares, on brands, on credits, mergers, demergers, contributions, etc.) planning of personal and family assets, consulting to family offices and to private bankers, consulting on inheritance, drawing of wedding contracts, consulting on the protection of personal and family assets, consulting on civil and tax law concerning contracts, company operations and personal asset planning.

The firm is also specialized in the field of trusts and family agreements, including in areas of restructuring operations, project finance and leasing for photovoltaic systems.

The firm uses a network of highly qualified professionals in Italy and abroad for better planning of transnational operations.

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