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Vieira, Costa Gomes, Sociedade de Advogados, RL
Edifício Presidente
Avenida Miguel Bombarda, nº 36 – 5º B
1050-165 Lisboa, Portugal

Tel: +351 217810910
Fax: +351 217810919


Filomena Vieira has vast experience in legal consulting, both to private and public sector companies as well as Public Administration entities, on Administrative Law.

The services she provides are mainly focused on issues related to spatial planning, urban planning, and the environmental legal issues transversal to both matters, namely those concerning the Rede Natura 2000 (Natura Network 2000), the Reserva Ecológica Nacional (National Ecological Reserve), and the Reserva Agrícola Nacional (National Agricultural Reserve). She has worked on tourism enterprise licensing, urban rehabilitation, architectural heritage, and industrial licensing – matters on which she has defined and monitored legal strategies to support management decisions.

Ms Vieira also possesses vast experience in public procurement, both in the preparation of all documents part of pre-contractual procedures and the legal consulting provided to juries during tender evaluation, as well as in the drawing up and monitoring of tender proposals and contract management. In this context, she has provided legal consulting on applications to various community programmes. She possesses vast experience in the drafting of legislative proposals.

Areas of expertise: Public Procurement; Spatial Planning; Environmental Law; Urban Planning Law; Administrative Litigation

The Public Procurement Law Practice:

The Public Contract Code highlights two essential and interconnected goals: the betterment of acquisition procedures, covering a great number of both public and private institutions, associated with the implementation of a dematerialised pre-contractual procedure based on a system of electronic platforms.

Therefore, both for contracting institutions and competing entities, the principles of sound management and efficiency and effectiveness in the contractual process must allow for economically and socially rational decisions. With the purpose of offering its Clients a new approach strategy for this specific reality, VIEIRA, COSTA GOMES provides individual legal services by its partner Filomena Vieira, namely:

Legal consulting on the type of procedure to be chosen, possessing vast experience in public works contracts, public service concession, provision of services and supplies, particularly in the fields of telecommunications, computer systems, I&D, and health care.

Multidisciplinary elaboration of procedural documents, including the definition of the evaluation model, as well as all legal acts pertaining to contracting decisions.

Elaboration and monitoring of contracts, along with all the relevant acts concerning their execution.

Rendering of in-house workshops in order to improve personnel skills.

Vieira, Costa Gomes, Sociedade de Advogados, RL:

Vieira, Costa Gomes is the materialisation of a project by two Attorneys, Filomena Vieira and Margarida Costa Gomes, who have been practising law for twenty years and share a firm conviction that it is possible to practise law as a firm in a different way.

Our names are our firm’s brand. A deliberate choice as it highlights the essential: we are the firm. All our clients’ matters, from our initial contact to the very last meeting, will be always and exclusively handled by us.

We guarantee our Clients there will not be any mediators or filters between their problems and their Attorneys: they will always deal directly with us. All strategies to develop, all actions to be taken in defence of their interests and towards the fulfilment of their goals, will be considered, planned, and carried out with and by us. Skilled work in all the different stages, from beginning to end.

Whenever a specific matter requires a multidisciplinary analysis which exceeds the areas of expertise of its partners, Vieira, Costa Gomes has carefully selected a network of Attorneys, whose work the firm is familiar with, and all of these partners in their own firms as well, or possessing recognised experience and quality in their different areas of expertise. With the knowledge and prior authorisation of our Clients, we work as a team, thereby ensuring that, in every possible circumstance, the common practice of Vieira, Costa Gomes is followed: senior work, always and only.

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