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Advocacia Caldas, Barbalho & Bucar
Rua do Ouvidor, 108, 3rd Floor
Center, Cep: 20040-030
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Tel: +55 (21) 2222.3351
Fax: +55 (21) 2222.3351

Email: barbalho@cbbadvocacia.com.br
Web: www.bacbb.com.br

  • Master in Public Law (State University of Rio de Janeiro/2005)
  • MBA in Sports Marketing and Management (Trevisan Business School/2015) and LLM Candidate in Sports Law (De Montfort University, England)
  • Rio de Janeiro State Attorney
  • Former Federal Attorney
  • Founding partner of CBB Advocacia
  • Associate Professor of Administrative Law of the Postgraduate programs of Fundação Getúlio Vargas/FGV, Candido Mendes University and the State Magistrate’s School of Rio de Janeiro.
  • Co-author of Administrative Law (Rio de Janeiro: Lumen Juris, 2009) and author of About Right and Democracy: Neoconstitutionalism, Democratic Principle and the Crisis of the Representative System (Rio de Janeiro: Lumen Juris, 2007).
  • Languages: Portuguese, English, Italian and French.

Advocacia Caldas, Barbalho & Bucar:

CBB Advocacia was founded in September 2000, and the firm is built upon the intention of its members to form a legal office able to offer a highly technical and specialised service. CBB Advocacia provides tailor-made solutions in order to overcome the traditional model of litigation management and bases its services on the following principles:

  • individualized attention to every demand, optimizing the economic advantage and decreasing the liabilities involved in each case;
  • constant interaction with its customers, in order to improve their defense, based on the technical data of its economic activity;
  • the virtualization of its documents and the intense use of technology, enabling cost savings in the management of each process and ensuring agility in the reviewing of information and in the internal and external communication of its team.

Besides the representation before judicial and administrative bodies, CBB Advocacia develops high standard legal advisory, always guided by customized service to its clients, in order to inspire the shaping of legal solutions for the development of business activities and the prevention or reduction of the inherent risks of the duties performed by its customers.

Located in modern facilities in the heart of the financial and business center of Rio de Janeiro, CBB Advocacia has a quick access to all state judicial courts, and the firm is also within a few minutes from the regional courts by bus or subway. Its location also allows easy contact to almost all public agencies and private entities related to the performance on behalf of its clients.

Public and Administrative Law Practice:

  • legal advice and judicial defense of public and private entities in Administrative and Constitutional Law issues;
  • legal counseling in the fields of regulation, public services, government contracts and other partnership agreements with the Public Administration;
  • comprehensive legal advice on public bidding procedures, including administrative complaints, legal structuring of proposals, assessment of requirements and qualifying documents and presentation and defense in administrative appeals;
  • judicial defense of the interest of public bidders;
  • defense in public civil inquiries;
  • intervention in constitutional judicial review procedures;
  • defense in administrative proceedings.

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