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Lacplesa Street 20a LV-1011,

Tel: +371 67 201 804
Fax: +371 6 7201 801

Email: edgars.lodzins@borenius.lv
Web: www.borenius.lv

Edgars heads the Bank and financial practice group at Attorneys at Law Borenius. He provides legal assistance in issues related to banking and financial law, financial and capital markets and transactions of company merger and takeover. He has accumulated extensive experience in advising on numerous financing transactions, representing both the companies and finance providers, as well as on acquisition transactions related to companies operating in the Latvian financial sector (including several Latvian banks). Edgars has also provided legal assistance in several capital market transactions related to debt offering transactions (both domestic and international level) by the Latvian companies and government.

Before joining Attorneys at Law Borenius, Edgars worked as a lawyer in several structural units of JSC Swedbank.

Banking and Finance Law Practice:

The global financial crisis has highlighted the need for a more profound understanding of one’s intended future actions and the risks to be faced. The constantly changing legislative framework and financial services market practices raise the necessity to engage experienced and professional legal experts in banking and financial regulatory, insurance, finances, venture capital investment and debt restructuring.

Our Banking and Finance Practice Group is highly regarded for its excellence and known for its professional and focused advice, based upon extensive knowledge and in-depth expertise in the relevant areas.

Our team serves as a regular advisor for domestic and international financial institutions, borrowers, issuers and also governmental bodies and municipal institutions.

Our experience in financial and capital market transactions is an asset of particular value. We have advised on major corporate and public bond issues at a local and international level.

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