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Holló & Partners Law Firm
Jagelló út 14
H-1124 Budapest

Tel: +36 1 319 1201
Fax: +36 1 319 1279

Email: dora.hollo@hplaw.hu
Web: www.hplaw.hu

After taking the bar exams, Dr. Dóra HOLLÓ started her career at the Tax and Legal Department of Price Waterhouse. She used to work for the Hungarian bureau for the protection of authors’ rights named ARTISJUS and also for the Austria-based law firm Weiss-Tessbach. She opened her own law firm in 1998.

She started cooperation with Dr. Tamás Balázs attorney-at-law by merging their offices in 2002.

In 2014 Dr. Holló established a new law firm named Holló & Partners being at the disposal of clients in English, German, French and Hungarian in special areas of law such as data protection and intellectual property rights. Further to the traditional legal representation, the law firm is keen to provide specific legal trainings for clients and give lectures at conferences in all working languages.

Key Areas of Practice:

Data Protection, Copyright Law, Patent & Trademark, e-Commerce, Law of the European Union, Competition law, Labour law, Work and Residence Permit Procedures, Corporate Law, M&A Transactions

The IP Law Practice:

Our office has outstanding professional history in the field of intellectual property, copyright and protection of industrial property. We represent our clients in registration procedures related to trademarks, patents, industrial patterns and designs both in Hungary and abroad (EU-protection, WIPO procedures).

Our activities in the area of intellectual property protection cover all major areas, including legal advice on the different forms of protection, legal representation in registration procedures, preparation of licence agreements and litigation issues.

Our activities related to intellectual property law include the following areas:
  • Trademark search in domestic, EU and international trade registers
  • Legal advice on national, international and European Community trademarks
  • Litigation in trademark infringement cases
  • Legal representation in front of the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office and international authorities (e.g. WIPO)
  • Legal advice on copyright protection issues
  • Drafting of and opining on licence agreements
  • Legal advice on the use of domestic and international domains, research in domain databases
  • Legal representation related to unauthorised use of domains
  • Advising on know-how and any other type of intellectual property (ideas, business methods, etc.)

Holló & Partners Law Firm:

The focus of Holló & Partners Law Firm lies primarily in intellectual property law, corporate law, M&A, employment law and data protection. We provide services mainly for corporate clients based in Hungary and abroad, especially in the EU and in the USA. All professionals in the law firm are multilingual – we work in English, German and French besides Hungarian.

Our special care towards clients is expressed in tailor-made, individual services and a complex approach: in addition to legal services we also offer financial counseling and tax advice.

In co-operation with outside advisors, we are able to offer complex services in our clients’ business operations, including investment and financial counseling, tax advice, book-keeping, auditing and real property management.

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