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29 Boulevard du Lamido de Rey
Mballa 2, Yaoundé

Tel: (+237) 222207998
Fax: (+237) 242080732


Christian Dudieu Djomga is the Managing Partner of Dudieu Avocats in Cameroon, a leading African law firm specializing in intellectual property law, in addition to providing general commercial legal services.

Christian is an Attorney at Law, Trademark Attorney, Intellectual Property Lawyer, OAPI Agent, Lecturer at OAPI Learning Centre, Lecturer at Catholic University of Central Africa (Yaoundé-Cameroon), Former Lecturer at Yaoundé States University (Soa), Member of South Africa Institute of Intellectual Property Law (SAIIPL-Johannesburg), President of Cameroon Anti-counterfeiting Coalition and an Author of 5 books.

The Trademark Law Practice:

DUDIEU offers an extended range of trade mark services to its clients. Our expertise range from procedural aspects such as registering, renewing and cancelling trade marks, to more contentious aspects such as trade mark opposition proceedings. Our extensive knowledge of trade marks allows us to offer our clients the solutions that are best suited to their needs.

  • Trade mark searches
  • Registrations
  • Renewal of trade marks
  • Assignments
  • Licensing
  • Opposition proceedings
  • Cancellation of trade marks

Trademark litigation spans a wide range of areas such as infringement of trade marks, patent prosecution and infringement, counterfeiting, unlawful competition, passing-off, and so forth. Our professional staff have a wealth of experience and expertise enabling us to assist clients with a full spectrum of services pertaining to IP litigation.  We conducts all trademark litigation on behalf of clients including all patent, trade mark and copyright litigation, anti-counterfeit litigation, litigation relating to intellectual property licenses, unlawful competition and passing-off.

Dudieu Avocats:

DUDIEU is a leading African law firm specializing in intellectual property law, in addition to providing general commercial legal services. The firm has grown into an African business law icon, with the largest intellectual property law practice supported by a strong commercial, property and litigation practice.

Dudieu has been rooted in over 16 years of legal excellence since its founding in 1998. The firm is characterized by a strong commitment to professionalism, and client care and partner accessibility are two of the cornerstones of the practice.

Dudieu currently has 2 partners and a further professional complement of over 5 experienced IP attorneys and candidate attorneys, with more than 12 support staff members, and specializes in Africa, with offices in Cameroun (Yaoundé and Douala), Ghana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Nigeria and Kenya.

Dudieu also has a worldwide network of attorney correspondents and associates, enabling the firm to handle intellectual property and legal matters in any country where this may be required.

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