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Carlos Botelho Moniz joined the firm in 2001 as a partner. He coordinates the european law and competition team.

His experience includes advising and representing clients in competition cases, both at the national and european level, in the areas of anti-trust, merger control and state aids. He has extensive experience in representing Portuguese authorities and private parties before the General Court and the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Carlos is a Visiting Professor at the Law School of the Portuguese Catholic University with a course on EU Litigation in the LL.M. Programme.

Regular presence in working sessions, seminars and conferences in the areas of competition and EU Law.

MLGTS Associados :

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The relationship we have with our clients is pre-eminent. We consistently strive to understand needs and exceed expectations.

Quality and Promptness
The firm is recognised for the quality of the legal services we provide, the promptness of our response time, the professional rigour of our team, as well as, in particular, for the innovative solutions we present.

Professional Ethics
All of our firm’s activities are conducted on the basis of strict principles of professional ethics, extending from professional confidentiality to awareness of potential conflicts of interest. This respect for professional ethics safeguards our relentless defence of our clients’ rights and interests.

Our firm is truly independent. International associations and alliances are established when they are able to provide the best answer to clients’ needs.

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Our firm offers a specialised service in all branches of the law, and our organisational structure facilitates the creation of cross-practice teams.

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Our firm exists and persists beyond its founders and individual collaborators and presents itself as a strong and consistent entity. We respect a coherent set of principles on which our activity is based, while continuously observing exacting standards of institutional and social responsibility.

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