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Supreme Court Attorney Arnar Þór Stefánsson joined LEX in 2004 after graduating with a law degree from the University of Iceland.

Previously he worked for a short while for the Althing Ombudsman and was assistant judge at the Supreme Court from 2006-2007. Arnar Þór is one of the most experienced litigator at LEX and has litigated well over 200 cases before the District and Supreme courts of Iceland as well as before the EFTA-court, for companies, individuals and public entities.

Arnar specilises in litigation, and also has expert knowledge in the field of construction, public administration, urban planning, tendering, real estate, employment and labour law and obligation law. Arnar has taught in the faculty of law in the University of Iceland and Reykjavík University as well as teaching in bar admission courses for district court certification.

The Construction Law Practice:

For many years, LEX has enjoyed close and cooperative relationship with numerous major Icelandic engineering firms, contractors and public entities in preparation of their major projects. Our advice can be sought at any stage, whether it is when preparing the tender documents, when writing and negotiating the construction agreement or assisting parties in the case of disagreement, for instance through negotiations or before the courts.

LEX has extensive experience when it comes to arguing cases regarding the enforcement of construction contracts and in the field of public procurement, both before the courts and the Public Procurement Complaints Committee. Our lawyers have, for instance, argued cases for companies claiming that a public entity has violated the laws on public procurement, and cases where a party to a construction agreement argues that the counter party has defaulted on the said agreement. Our lawyers have also defended public entities in similar cases.

LEX’s experts in the field of arbitration work closely with the construction, public procurement and tendering law practice area to ensure a favourable resolution of disputes.

LEX Law Offices:

LEX is one of Iceland´s leading law firms, comprised of around 40 lawyers, providing clients with comprehensive services over a wide range of financial, corporate and commercial issues, as well as most other aspects of Icelandic law. Litigation and dispute resolution has always been one of the cornerstones of LEX’s practice as LEX has disputed many of the more complex disputes in the Icelandic legal environment.

LEX aims to be the Icelandic legal firm of choice for our clients and address their needs in the ever-changing local and international markets. As one of the oldest and most respected law firm in Iceland the lawyers at LEX put their client needs in foreground with efficiency and quality as a guiding light.

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