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Lopez & Associates
1911 9 de Octubre Avenue,
Finansur Building Suite 21-1
Guayaquil, Ecuador

Tel: (593) 4 2293922
Fax: (593) 4 2293922


  • Founder and President of Lopez & Associates Law Firm.
  • Attorney of the Republic of Ecuador, graduated from Universidad Católica de Santiago de Guayaquil.
  • Expert on Litigation.
  • Specialist on the Protection of Fundamental Rights System.
  • Master on Procedural Law, Egressed.
  • Vicepresident of the Interamerican Lawyer Federation, Chapter Ecuador.
  • Professor at the Universidad Católica de Santiago of Guayaquil in 2007.
  • General Counselor in the Bank and Insurance Superintendence, 2007.
  • Congress of Ecuador, advisor.

Languages: English and Spanish.

Litigation Law Practice:

LÓPEZ & ASSOCIATES Law Firm, since its inception, has specialized chiefly on Civil Law and, within its boundaries, we cater to our clients’ successful litigation and representation in court.

We proactively look after our clients’ interests and apply careful insight in order to fashion the best outcome and avoid potential threats in the near or distant future. Similarly, we tailor keen and specialized solutions for every need or concern with the aim of providing the best legal support for matters such as:

  • Ordinary trials, verbal and executive briefings.
  • Divorce cases
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency cases
  • Expropriation trials and pretrial stage consultation.
  • Property rights and Eminent Domain.
  • Preparatory and precautionary measures.
  • Willful intent and patent infringement cases.

Lopez & Associates:

LÓPEZ & ASSOCIATES is one of the leading full-Service firms in Ecuador is headed by Atty. Ariel López, who is considered one of the best attorneys in the country. We offer a solid corporate know how, with personalized attention and satisfactory results through the great team of professionals who are highly qualified in different areas. Currently, we handle the expansion of local businesses in Ecuador and the establishment of foreign companies in our country as well as strategic partnerships between local and multinational companies.

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