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Avenida Escazú, Torre Lexus
4to piso. Escazú, San José
Costa Rica

Tel: (506) 4031 6870
Fax: (506) 4036 1268


Andrey is a Partner at the firm and focuses his practice in corporate and financial law. He is in charge of M&A and private equity in the Costa Rica office. He has participated in a significant number of mergers and acquisitions, for national and international clients.

He has experience in processes of due diligence and negotiation of contracts and joint ventures, and has also participated in the aspects of financing and refinancing of companies. Additionally, Andrey is responsible for the practice of competition law in Costa Rica. He has participated in numerous notifications of concentrations before the Commission to promote competition, and has much experience in consulting to companies on issues of commercial competition.

The Antitrust/Competition Law Practice:

Arias offers an extensive practice experience in Antitrust/Competition Law, serving the needs of our clients, both locally and internationally, while addressing the issue in an integrated matter.

Among the issues we address are:

  • Concentrations
  • Punitive administrative procedures related to competition issues
  • Research regulator Compliance and training


Arias is a unique law firm in Central America, as it operates as a single firm rather than an alliance or network; and currently has seven fully-integrated offices in six countries: Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.

It has become not only a solid, but also an innovative legal firm that continues to spread its influence throughout the region. For clients, choosing the right legal partner is key. Arias has specialized attorneys, with extensive experience over a wide range of practice areas and industries, that can unlock the regions intricacies and subtle differences in laws. The firm is truly a one-step, one-stop law firm that offers clients the benefits and demonstrated advantages that come from having all their regional businesses served from one, fully integrated base.

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