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Vicari & Associati
No. 25, Via Manzoni
Milan, 20121

Tel: +39 02.89013102
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Andrea Vicari, founding partner of Vicari & Associati, driven by the desire to go deeper into both the technical and theoretical profiles of trust law, moved to the United States of America, where he accomplished a master (International Tax Program – Harvard) first and became Doctor of Juridical Science (Cornell) later.

Since that moment, many difficulties have been faced, many estate planning solutions have been realised, many innovative application of trust have been developed, many successes in legal claims re asset protection structures before both national judges and national and international arbitrators have been achieved.

Trust law has remained a pillar of our practice, so much that Andrea Vicari contributed to the drafting of the first law on trusts written in Italian in 2005, the law of the Republic of San Marino, and then he has co-drafted with Professor Maurizio Lupoi its full reform in 2010; Andrea Vicari also collaborated to the drafting of the Constitutional Law for the establishment of the Court for trusts and fiduciary relationships of the Republic of San Marino.

Over time, our practice has taught us to master all the tools of estate planning, consciously developing a working technique unique in the Italian landscape.

Pausing to reflect on the progress we made, we have realised that we have gone further than planned: we aspired to be best experts on trusts, we have became Engineers of Patrimonies, experts in estate organising and planning.

The Private Client Law Practice:

For the most part, we assist private clients, professionals, entrepreneurs, business leaders, traders, artisans, intellectuals who, thanks to their activities have built up a patrimony or have received it from their families.

Such individuals desire to treasure and protect their patrimony, in order to make it safe from their creditors’ aggressions, to make it impervious to their conjugal affairs, to make certain that it will be used to face all the adversities that might occur during their lives, to regulate its devolution to their loved ones on death, to prevent it from being the cause of family disputes.

Said patrimony is organised by us in order to assure its preservation and transmission among generations, and its protection from external aggressions, taking advantage of the most sophisticated and efficient legal tools, with our experience of lawyers and notaries.

The experience we gained in estate planning and patrimonial protection feds, and is fed by, on the one hand our expertise in attacking and destabilizing, on behalf of creditors, forced heirs and third parties those mechanisms of patrimonial protection that have been established in their detriment, on the other hand our expertise in defending from the aggressions of the latter those subjects who have protected and managed their patrimonies (i.e. trustees, trust companies, banks).

We in fact coordinate defence counsels before both domestic and international judges and arbitrators.

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