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Gernandt & Danielsson
Hamngatan 2,

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Anders has been a partner at Gernandt & Danielsson since the firm was formed in 1992. He has extensive experience in the area of private and public M&A. Anders also has signficiant experience in drafting and negotiating commercial contracts within a large number of areas. He has extensive experience, in particular, working with clients in the automotive sector and the media sector.

Corporate Law Practice:

Companies are increasingly subject to stringent requirements to take preventative measures to ensure that the company and its employees are in compliance with various statutory regulations and ethical standards, which often vary from country to country. These requirements can be imposed by public authorities as well as investors, lenders and customers.
In situations where a question arises as to whether a company or one of its employees has complied with regulations and standards, the company is often expected to conduct an internal investigation and take action. In some cases, the internal investigation must also be made public.
Gernandt Danielsson has extensive experience advising on internal investigations regarding compliance with various commercial, employment and criminal regulations and ethical standards in a number of different industry sectors, which may also involve corporate social responsibility (CSR) and human rights issues. We also undertake other types of special examinations, such as “white books”, liability investigations and acting as a special examiner.
In these matters, the investigation is headed by our most experienced lawyers, who (where required) draw on specialists within the relevant area. We also advise our clients on preventative measures relating to compliance programmes, where we can provide risk assessments and draft internal policies, procedures and training programmes.

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