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MG Advogados
Rua Rainha Ginga, n.º 80, 1.º
CP 12002
Luanda – Angola

Tel: (244) 222 337914
Fax: (244) 222 335497


The firm of MG ADVOGADOS (MGA) was founded in 1989 by Manuel Gonçalves, a prominent figure in Law and Justice in Angola.

Founding member of the Association of Angolan Jurists and elected President of the National Advocacy Council in 1995, he sponsored the formation of the Angola Bar Association (Ordem dos Advogados de Angola) and was elected as its first President.

Current Chairman of the Board of Directors of ENSA – National Insurance Company of Angola, he has expertly combined over the course of his life the roles of Lawyer and Lecturer, skills which have comfortably existed alongside his immense artistic sensitivity not only as a musician, but also as a serious collector of contemporary Angolan art.

MG Advogados

As an integral part of the Angolan legal scene since 1989, MG ADVOGADOS (MGA) is one of the oldest and most renowned firms of lawyers in Angola.

The firm is headed by its founder, Manuel Gonçalves, the first President of the Angola Bar Association (Ordem dos Advogados de Angola), and employs a cohesive, experienced and multidisciplinary team of skilled professionals at various levels of seniority.

MGA is an extension of the qualities of its founding partner, and its practice is guided by an impeccable sense of ethics and professionalism, underpinned by a commitment to social responsibility and the promotion of Angolan culture, as evidenced by its considerable collection of Angolan contemporary art.

The firm provides legal services throughout Angola in various fields of law. It maintains its connection to academic circles and, despite its local roots, has an international vision, with its sights set firmly on the future.

MGA has headed up the structuring and implementation of operations in various sectors and acts in dispute resolution either in court or by arbitration. Our client portfolio currently includes top ranking Angolan and multinational companies and corporate groups, leading Brazilian and Portuguese legal firms and English-speaking legal firms in the “magic circle”.

MGA provides services to foreign clients with interests in Angola and to Angolan and foreign clients with interests abroad and therefore, on an ad hoc basis, and depending on the nature of the project, it includes foreign legal consultants in its team, most significantly Brazilian and Portuguese consultants.

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